Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Jitter" by Grace Mitchell

Grace Mitchell was hailed as the new teenage savant making alternative electropop with intelligent and relatable lyrics, or otherwise as the new Lorde, back in 2014. Indeed, her first EP fit that description very well, if a little more lush than some of the other prodigies scattered across the blogosphere.

But this new song plants her firmly in first place, because it is insanely bonkers in the best way possible.

"Jitter" was released about a month ago and is featured on Grace's new Raceday EP. It starts off as a scattered mess of echoes before Grace goes into a nonchalant verse about getting turnt and dishing with her girls. But the chorus is what seals the deal as a 10/10 song of the year. It's a bouncy production with Grace's smooth vocal that has a little sass to it. AND SHE SPEAKS FRENCH IN IT. The bridge is also amazing because it sounds like the past 8 years of pop put together.

Unfortunately the rest of the EP doesn't stand up to the mighty "Jitter" but is well worth a listen. Considering Mark Foster of Foster The People is backing her production, it seems that Grace may have another hit up her hands. If not, at least she made one of 2015's best songs, even if it was by accident.

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