Thursday, October 1, 2015

NSOTP Superstars: Q4 2015 Edition
It's the most magical time of the year. 

No, I don't mean fall, you basic pumpkin spice bitches. IT'S Q FUCKING 4. I know that NSOTP has been out of commission lately but in honor of this magical time, I will make a promise to provide you all with actual 10/10 songs everyday along with the other amazing #content you will find on the site. So here are seven pop stars who are getting in the #Q4 spirit by just killing the pop scene.

1. Tove Lo

It is a known fact that the Queen of Clouds and unofficial Queen of Sweden Ebba Tove Elsa Nielsen is a nonstop force of pop magic. In fact, Tove Lo is currently in the top 5 pop entities of the past 3 years. That is quite an achievement considering she kind of took Lady Gaga's spot. But based on her actions of late, she definitely deserves it. Her amazing debut album turned one year old today and remains QUITE BRILLIANT. She has written songs for Adam Lambert, MS MR, and Hilary Duff that are all 8/10 or better. However, it is the choice of singles that puts Tove at the top of this list. After the international success of "Talking Body" and the monumental release of the still astounding "Timebomb" (#JusticeforTimebomb), Tove has decided to choose the incredible "Moments" as the next single. The song remains a highlight on the album and the lyricism puts every other song on the radio to shame. Imagine hearing "On good days I am charming as fuck" on the radio?!?!? Hopefully it will put Tove back in the Top 10 where she belongs because this girl is the definition of a superstar.

2. Kylie Minogue

Speaking of top 5 pop entities, Kylie Minogue kind of remains in that group after 2 decades of stunning music. What keeps her interesting and is a testament to her longevity is being able to adapt her signature brand of glittery disco pop to the changing music scene. While her last album wasn't the roaring success it could have been, "Into The Blue" and "If Only" are classic Kylie songs we can all love to dance and cry to. But it's 2015 and Kylie is pulling out all the stops. Not only has Minogue provided a cute movie soundtrack cut and appeared in an iconic cameo, but decided to surprise release an EP. 

The Kylie + Garibay EP was a brief but exciting glimpse into what future Kylie has in store and appears to show a new indie side. That is meant in the best way, as each song feels like classic Kylie but perfect for 2015's house and pop trends. But that's not even the best part. There are no words big enough to state this amazing news sure to leave the world in a high daze from its sheer joy.


This will be amazing in too many ways to count so I will just say that Christmas 2015 will be the best Christmas to ever happen and that includes Jesus's birth.

3. Justin Tranter

As well as being a beautiful human being, Justin Tranter is the lead singer of the Semi Precious Weapons. For those who don't know, they opened for Lady Gaga during two of her North American tours and are overall fabulous. However, he is not on the list for any of that. Justin Tranter has been THE premiere songwriter of 2015. That amazing Hailee Steinfeld song from a couple of months ago? That was Justin. The Selena Gomez song that made everyone quite horny? Tranter did that one too! The almost-too-impossible-to-believe-is-this-good new Joe Jonas but not Joe Jonas song with the amazing title? TRANTO STRIKES AGAIN! His writing record also includes Kelly Clarkson, Nicole Scherzinger, and Timeflies (and Fall Out Boy). It looks like there is a new pop songwriter on the scene and that can only be a good thing.

4. Hurts

When Hurts rolled around back in 2010, the whole gloom-pop aesthetic was not a great look despite the obvious popstar potential by Theo. I mean, they did a duet with Kylie and created this beautiful song so I can't hate on them too much. But their last album was very forgettable and I kind of wrote them off as boring feature artists. However, their new album campaign sees a lighter side to the group while maintaining the drama that made you fall in love with them. The three singles have shown in increasing trajectory towards amazingness and the album comes out this week so that will be exciting.

5. Gryffin

Not much is known about the mysterious remixer that is Gryffin, but he/she has made incredible remixes for Tove Lo, Ellie Goulding, and Years & Years. They might all sound similar, but who cares because it's tropical trance-house. You can't go wrong with tropical trance-house. Please do a Carly Rae Jepsen song next?

6. Tom Aspaul

A video posted by Tom Aspaul (@tom_aspaul) on
Look how fun Tom Aspaul is! Isn't it great when a popstar is fun? It's even better when they make good music. Tom is signed to perpetually amazing popstar Little Boots' label and has made great music since 2013's "Indiana." That song was so good Kylie covered it for her own album. Now that's a compliment. Since then, Tom has worked on his own career, with "Good Together" being a solid 10/10, while also working as a songwriter. As well as making the title track for Little Boots' new album, he lent his voice to this killer XYconstant song that basically sums up what the summer should sound like. It's definitely an amazing year for boys in pop and Aspaul appears to be the front-runner.

7. Troye Sivan

Part of being a lover of pop is admitting when someone who does not seem like a popstar actually comes through and come up with something special. Ed Sheeran managed to do it last year and I must say, for all the shit I said about him, Troye Sivan has made the best EP of 2015. His execution of meaningful electropop that sounds like nothing else out there is frankly mind-boggling. Troye's background as a Youtube celebrity actually worked in his favor by giving his fans another outlet to adore him, but his ability to distance himself from his online persona makes the popstar element much more credible. He also roped in some very amazing underground talent like Allie X, Broods, and Tkay Maidza, appealing to the younger generation's obsession with relatability in music. With a little more growth, Troye really could be next great gay popstar and NSOTP will support him as soon as that happens.

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