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Welcome to the Team Catherine Huang!

Welcome To Catherine's Crib
I am so excited to say that we have a new writer joining us on NonStop On Top Pop. Finding like-minded individuals in pop is very hard. Mainly because a lot of people who like pop are snobs or assholes or have shitty taste. This person is not any of those nor does she enjoy shit.


Catherine's hobbies include getting a Cheeky Nando's, attending Purity Ring concerts, and knowing a fair amount about amazing music. I conducted a brief yet vital interview so we can gauge Ms. Huang's pop prowess and as we all know, I only ask the hard-hitting questions when it comes to music. So without further ado, let's get to know Catherine!

Are you free to talk? I have the questions ready!

CH: As of right now, yes!

All right let's get started. Feel free to answer as briefly or at length a you would like, but in a pop context obviously. What was your pop moment, otherwise known as the moment you realized pop was the superior genre that could change lives?

Okay, so I see this question in two parts. The first pop moments I can recall that changed my life in that way was the "... Baby One More Time" video (#typical). I remember sitting down in front of the television when I was four or five and learning all of the choreography and performing it for my mom (God bless that woman).

Now the second part of this question seems to be when I realized that pop music had the power to change lives in general. And one of the answers to this would be after two of my cousins went out and bought No Strings Attached on the release date. I remember they came home and cried because they had been waiting to get their hands on it for so long and couldn't believe they got their hands on a copy. The second answer is also cousin-related, but in a slightly different context: my cousin Dylan absolutely loved the Spice Girls, but his parents were (and still are) very patriarchal and worried about how this would affect his sexuality and the like. But in the end, they realized it was just music and allowed him to continue dancing to "Wannabe," which directly demonstrated to me the power pop music has in defying generalizations and stereotypes, as well as bringing people together.

Sorry, I'm done now.

No problem. I was worried this question was too deep.

It was a little (chuckles), wasn't sure how to attack it. Not all of my answers will be this long!

What year do you think had the best music?

Oh boy, that is a super difficult question… I just consulted my iTunes library and I'm going to go with 2003.

No further questions on that topic. Who is the most underrated act out there at the moment?

I'm not sure if underrated is the correct term here, but Rita Ora is totally capable of achieving a higher level of diva greatness that has not been realized at all. Also, in the US market, I would love to see Little Mix get more attention and hype.

I'm so glad I asked you to help me write on the blog. What artist would you break down in tears if you got the chance to meet them in person?

On the real, always and forever my queen Hilary Duff, but in terms of new talent, I'm going to go with future superstar Kiah Victoria. Also, any of the Little Mix girls, obviously. And Marina. And Beyoncé. This list is never-ending.

Wonderful. Favorite Girls Aloud member?

I always felt bad for Nicola (Roberts), and I obviously love Cheryl (Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini), but I'm going to have to say my favorite is Kimberley (Walsh).

You are the only person whose favorite is Kimberley but that adds diversity.

Haha oh well!

Who is the superior Disney actress turned super popstar of the past 7 years?

Okay so for me, this is a battle between Miley and Demi because I cannot stand Selena's voice at all. So for that battle, i'm going to have to pick Demi because her first two albums were basically flawless. Miley makes strange choices musically, but I absolutely love the political and social statements she's been making as of late.

What newish act will most likely save pop in 2015?

Probably Tove Lo. I also think Echosmith could possibly dominate in the next few months because they just dropped another single/music video to follow the massively successful "Cool Kids." I'd also love Marian Hill to slay in the coming months, but they're more R&B probably…

I am also excited about Echosmith. What old act do your think will most likely save pop in 2015?

Jessie J. In my wildest dreams, she will come out with a banging track before the end of the year. Oh wait, also with Jessie J, Taylor could too, if she releases "New Romantics" as a single.

Who was your favorite cameo in Taylor's "Bad Blood" video?

Gigi Hadid because I have the most monstrous crush on her (laughs).

What do you consider to be the best Lady Gaga single?

In terms of quality or performance? I've always been partial to "LoveGame", and more recently "Do What U Want", but in terms of game changing, "Bad Romance" (as well as "Born This Way" but in a different way) completely changed the pop scene.

Understandable. What do you think is the best song of 2015 so far?

My initial instinct was to say either "Blank Space" or "Uptown Funk" for their cultural impact on this year, but both came out last year, so I guess I can't say that right?

They were included in last year's list, so no unfortunately.

Okay, that's what I figured… so in that case, I will say Icona Pop's "Emergency", But I have also been really feeling Hailee Steinfeld's first single, honestly.

What do you think is the best album of the year so far?

Giorgio Moroder definitely. Flawless production AND a super diverse group of vocal collaborators? Definitely the number one pop album of this year.

Haha my next question was who else should have been on the Moroder album?

Ryn Weaver or Marina for sure - I'd like to think both of those collaborations would result in some incredible songs.

So true. Marina at the disco would be amazing. When do you think Rihanna will actually release her next album?

I'd like to think it would be pre-summer next year, but the girl has obviously lost sense of what year it is because she's using a pink RAZR like… Definitely not this year though.

We just passed the 1000 day mark since the last one….


Yeah it's sad.

That's so crazy to think, considering she had those two runs of releasing an album every year for three/four years….

Right. Oh well, Charli seems like she will take over that role. Which pop star do you think should just give up?

IGGY AZALEA. PLEASE. Like, just move back to Australia with Swaggy P and leave us all alone. Wait, does she even count as a pop star? If so, then that is my #1 choice for sure. BY FAR.

Best comeback of 2015?

This definitely has to be "Love Me Like You Do", no question. This song was absolutely everywhere and I may have a little PTSD as a result. "Jealous" and Major Lazer's "Lean On" also hit pretty hard, but not at the level of sheer maine behind Ellie Goulding's Fifty Shades track. I would also be remiss not to mention my bias towards "Black Magic."

Team 1D or Team Zayn?

His recent actions are making me question this everyday, but technically, I'm Team Zayn. He's being an absolute twat at the moment, but I am extremely empathetic to people feeling the need to break off from the group so they can do their own thing.

Right, Team Zayn or Team Perrie?

Team Perrie, 1000%. The best part about this is that she doesn't have to deal with the crazy Zayn fans anymore.

Team Little Mix or Team Fifth Harmony?

I mean… Little Mix of course! The Fifth Harmony girls have always had this strange vibe to them that puts me off a little. But man, do I love "Bo$$"!

What 5 singers would you put together to make the best band of all time?

(extended pause)

So after thinking about this for entirely too long/initially ending up with an R&B powerhouse, I'm not sure if I have created the best band of all time. But I've definitely created what could be the greatest funky, alt-pop, girl power of all time with a line up of: Charli XCX as the de-facto leader, Skye Sweetnam, Amy from Karmin, Martina from Dragonette and Carly Rae Jepsen for her ear for fun, more accessible pop.

That is probably the hardest question I would have ever been asked, and I wish to never answer it again.

I know right. Those are solid choices. Mine would be Charli, Tove, Florrie, Marina, and Bonnie McKee. 

I love it.

Fave cover of the past 3 years?

Kiah Victoria's "Thinking About You". Also Lorde's "Don't Tell Em".

Favorite scandal of 2015?

Drake vs. Meek Mill haha.

Who is the real elusive chanteuse?

I'll let Mariah keep her title. But if Ariana ever learns to enunciate, she better watch out.

I like how you went by voice. I feel like Sia had captured the true essence of the elusive chanteuse.

I feel that. Sia feels a little more evasive rather than elusive to me though. 

Favorite collab since 2007?

Honestly "Bang Bang". Kind of sad that it's so recent, but there you go.

What would be your fantasy pop star feud be about?

Either someone exposing a major hypocrisy of someone else, or something extremely stupid - like accusing someone of stealing the other's baby's name or something. I'm a woman of simple tastes when it comes to drama.

That was an amazing answer. Who has the most annoying fan base?

Directioners as of late, but the fact there is a still a huge Belieber fan base today sickens me to my core. Actually, scratch that. Directioners actually haven't been that gross in super recent history. They're starting a campaign to buy an extra copy of the new album for people who can't afford it when it comes out. That's incredible. So Beliebers all the way.

What artist recently lost their magic?

And speaking of them… One Direction. "Drag Me Down" was just depressing.

What artist recently found it?

FKA twigs, definitely. But if I can't say that, then The Weeknd.

If we had to mate two pop stars in order to create the greatest pop star destined to save the world, what male and female pop star would they be?

Okay wait, a Tayvin baby would actually probably do it haha.

So true, here's hoping for Tayvin2020. What pop star would most like to have an intimate encounter with?

Duh, Drake. Especially in this heavy stubble era. PRAISE!

Biggest asshole in music?

Tie between Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. Not a fan of overly entitled divas.

What would be your dream collaboration?

I've been missing JoJo lately, so I'm going to think of someone to pair her up with… Maybe JoJo and Demi Lovato? They're kind of the same though, but what a dynamic duo…

Disney pop at its best. Who should perform at the next Super Bowl?

Nicki Minaj for the halftime show.

YASSSSS. That would be good, all the guest stars too.

OK. Final Question, it is the most important one, and there is a correct answer…

I'm ready.

What is the best Kylie Minogue song?

Oh boy… Oh man… there is like 0% chance I'm going to get this right. I'm just going with "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" for the sustained relevance (covers head in fear)

While that is probably her second best song, the correct answer was "Love At First Sight."

Ahhhh, that probably would have been my sixth guess. #Bleak

You made a fair showing. Glad to have you on board!

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