Saturday, October 3, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Cara Mia" by Annie

Norwegian popstar Annie was always on the cutting edge of dreamy 80's-influence romantic electropop but has a habit of being rather inconsistent with releases. Her last album was way back in 2009 and her last EP was in 2013. Both of those were quite amazing. Because Annie is fucking amazing. 

It looks like the Norwegian queen is finally coming back to save pop with a new EP in October and this song is the first one we can hear from that. As you would expect, "Cara Mia" is a lovely Italo disco number with heartfelt lyrics that sounds like all of Annie's other material. But when you think about it, that's almost all we want from her at this point right?! The bridge is the best part when the soft dooo-do-dooo's echo the melody and you kind of hold your breath in awe of the perfect pop moment.

The "Endless Vacation" EP includes production by Richard X, who made Annie's last amazing EP. It also includes writing by veteran songwriters Hannah Robinson & Jim Eliot, and "Cara Mia" appears to have been written by Stefan Storm out of Sound Of Arrows. That is 5 amazing pop entities in one record, so you should definitely buy the whole thing when it comes out Oct. 16. That is quite literally, TWO WEEKS AWAY!

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