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The 50 Best Singles of 2014

Nonstop On Top Pop: Best Singles of 2014

It is officially that time of year when Christmas trees come down and we look back at the amazing music we have experienced over the past year. Luckily, it was hard to pick the top 50 this year, a sign that pop music once again can always deliver. For the record, this list only includes singles, which tend to be the best songs an artist has to offer. Otherwise, let's be real, "Timebomb" by Tove Lo would have won this hands down. Regardless let's get this party started.

50. "Heroes" by Alesso feat. Tove Lo

This would have been a rather mundane EDM song but luckily Tove's magic touch once again takes everything to the next level. If 2014 has done anything right, it was to make this girl a superstar.

49. "Problem" by Arianna Grande feat. Iggy Azalea

"Problem" undeniably has this year's best use of saxophone. Sorry Jason Derulo.

48. "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor

No matter how much this song grates my nerves, it is still too catchy not to have been an international hit. Congratulations?

47. "Uptight Downtown" by La Roux

La Roux is one of the best things to happen to pop EVER and if this had been a promoted a little better, this would have been much higher on the list. Still, this is really a special song so be a good person and get their spectacular album while you're at it.

46. "Don't Stop" by 5 Seconds Of Summer

It's very hard to make good pop music with guitars but 5 Seconds of Summer have mastered it. Good job boys and it looks like the hearts of teenage girls everywhere will be intact for at least 3 more albums.

45. "Too Cool To Dance (Fred Falke Remix)" by Eden xo

The original is a solid pop song but the Fred Falke mix of Eden xo's new single captures all the best parts of the original and adds some lasers to make it properly bonkers. Eden is definitely one to watch for next year.

44. "Only Love Can Hurt Like This" by Paloma Faith

I'm just going to say it: Paloma Faith is the best soul-pop singer in the business right now. This orchestral masterpiece should've been a worldwide number one and the vocals deserve at least 4 Grammys. Keep doing your thing Paloma.

43. "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift

The greatest comeback single of the year cements Taylor Swift as a proper princess of pop, no matter who long she has denied it.

42. "Rumour" by Chlöe Howl

Chlöe Howl is one of our favorites and if the severely underrated "Rumour" is any indication of what to expect, she could easily deliver the best album of 2015.

41. "Summer" by Calvin Harris

The official sexiest man in pop once again delivers the goods. However, we here at NSOTP fully support a year long break to pursue modeling, Mr. Harris.

40. "Into The Blue" by Kylie Minogue

This may have been Kylie's worst album campaign but "Into The Blue" was a shining beacon of hope for music this year and if anyone tries coming for my queen, allow me to play her ridicumazing cover of "Bette Davis Eyes" while you cry at your own foolishness.

39. "Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking To You" by Tove Styrke

2014's weirdest, most bonkers song comes from the second best Tove in pop. Let this be a driving force for her to surpass Ms. Lo, because in the end, the real winner would be music, right?

38. "Me and My Broken Heart" by Rixton

Yes, this may be rip off of a very amazing pop song from a decade ago but listen, it's an amazing song so just shut up and listen.

37. "Step It Up" by Bianca

The last Song of The Day on NSOTP surely has a spot on this list, and as an Italo disco monster of a track, it looks like Bianca is ready to take 2015 by storm.

36. "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne

This was the first big hit of 2014 in my opinion and the marriage of classical and 90's house music could not have been executed better.

35. "Braveheart" by Neon Jungle

They don't look for Trouble, but they've got all the hits. Neon Jungle is slowly becoming my favorite girl band and if they follow the Girls Aloud trend, their next album will be era-defining.

34. "Get Lost" by Icona Pop

This could have been a "I Love It"-sized hit but, like La Roux, the promotion just wasn't there. But I'll be damned if Icona Pop go down in pop history as one hit wonders because "Get Lost" is absolutely wonderful.

33. "Catch" by Allie X

I may not have written about her much, but Allie X quickly became my new pop obsession of 2014. Hopefully, she builds off the crystalline majesty of "Catch" and become the greatest popstar Canada has produced since Carly Rae Jepsen.

32. "Sing" by Ed Sheeran

The biggest surprise of the year came from the world's most famous ginger man actually becoming good. Still, wouldn't it have been a great Justin Timberlake song? (NSOTP still loves you Ed!)

31. "Kiss and Tell" by 5Angels

The premiere girl band of the Czech Republic may have made the world's most basic video but this song will never leave your head. That's a good thing since it is 10x better than anything U2 has produced this year.

30. "Steal My Girl" by One Direction

The best single One Direction has released since "What Makes You Beautiful." Too bad they're, ALLEGEDLY (MOST LIKELY), breaking up next year.

29. "Devil's Touch" by TIAAN

This is almost too beautiful for words. This girl had better be amazing 
in 2015, otherwise we might as well just give up and go home.

28. "These Days" by Take That

The original British boy band is back to show how it's done and once again, it looks like these guys will make hits until they're 90. If they're still as good as "These Days," I'm fine with that future.

27. "I Got U" by Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones

The sound of summer captured in less than 5 minutes. The Whitney Houston (RIP) interpolation doesn't hurt either!

26. "No Enemiesz" by Kiesza

While the title of this song makes me worry about Kiesza's spelling skills, "No Enemiesz" is the kind of song popstars stopped making in the 90's. Which was a stupid decision because as you can hear, it is bloody amazing.

25. "G.U.Y." by Lady GaGa

Even when she's singing horrible jazz music and not being the best popstar in the world, GaGa makes the top 25 with what should have been her most celebrated hit since "Judas." #Justice4GUY

24. "Your Love" by Nicole Scherzinger

This song was incredible. Her album, not so much. Just when I was beginning to take her seriously too.  Poor Scherzy!

23. "Busy Doin' Nothin' " by Ace Wilder

Imagine if Sweden had sent this to Eurovision! The world may have actually imploded from the sheer amazingness that would have caused. Ms. Wilder is looking to be the most exciting popstar from Scandinavia at the moment, unless Robyn decides to surprise release 3 albums like last time.

22. "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift

"I can make the bad guys good for the weekend." "Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream" *PEN CLICK* With the best video of 2014, "Blank Space" seems a little too good to be true doesn't it?

21. "Froot" by Marina & The Diamonds

This 5 minute ball of electro disco craziness takes everything I loved from first album Marina, second album Marina, and added something indescribably exciting from third album Marina. It's time for some Froot Juice for those who aren't Diamonds yet.

20. "Do It Again" by Robyn & Royksopp

Just so good. Next to Rihanna and Madonna, Robyn's album for next year is sure to go down in history as a masterpiece.

19. "2 On" by Tinashe feat. ScHoolboy Q

This was THE jam to get turnt or 2 on for the weekend. It probably would have made the top 10 if that ridiculous ScHoolboy Q verse wasn't there. Harsh decisions readers, but whoever said pop was easy?

18. "U-Huh" by Tkay Maidza

Tkay Maidza should sit down, listen to this about 20 times, realize just how immense this is, and make about 10 more songs just like this. That would be great, thanks.

17. "The Heart Wants What It Wants" by Selena Gomez

I suppose we have to thank Justin Bieber for giving Selena material to write the best ballad of the year. Ugh, I hated saying that.

16. "Ghost" by Ella Henderson

Until Fleur East can rebound from her unjust loss, Ella Henderson is here to show just how stupid the X Factor and the British public can be for eliminating her 6th. RIDICULOUS!

15. "Little White Lies" by Florrie

It wouldn't be a real year of pop without Florrie in the mix. If she actually manages to release her album next year, it could go down as the album of the decade here at NSOTP.

14. "Games For Girls" by Say Lou Lou & Lindstrøm

These twins currently have the album I'm most excited for next year. Who knew they had it in them to deliver a stellar vogueing banger? I certainly didn't but I have death dropped to this song many times nonetheless.

13. "285" by Kitty Pryde

Kitty's unique brand of rap and synth pop should have made her a star already but if her new EP is anything to go by, it's just the beginning for this bright young artist.

12. "Solo Dancing" by Indiana

This song made me question what pop had come to when I first heard it. Now, I recognize it as the most hypnotic piece of music I have ever heard.

11. "Let Go For Tonight" by Foxes

I had slated this song as the best at the end of 2013. Luckily, I wasn't far off. Good job Foxes for getting everyone to step up their game.

10. "Not On Drugs" by Tove Lo

I had considered adding "Habits" for a second year in order to be fair to Tove Lo. Fortunately, I realized this would be unfair to people who weren't Tove Lo. Still, Tove's knack for immense choruses and slick production shine in "Not On Drugs" and solidifies her status as the best pop artist of 2014.

9. "Ugly Heart" by G.R.L.

This song is good in about 300 different ways. It was so sad to hear the news of one of their members' passing but this song can solidly go down as a testament to her talent and hopefully the band can continue to make hits.

8. "What Are You Waiting For?" by The Saturdays

How much do I love the Saturdays? A SHITLOAD! With the combined efforts of Florrie, MNEK, Tove Lo, and Xenomania, the fact that this head rushing slice of music wasn't a hit was by far the biggest travesty of 2014.

7. "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

I perfect homage to everything amazing about the past with a modern twist to take it to the top. The last really amazing song of 2014 is also one of the best, and hopefully Ronson can repeat it with his new album.

6. "Chandelier" by Sia

In some ways, this should probably be the best song of 2014 but a particularly annoying housemate tarnished it for me. Nonetheless, Sia's vocal acrobatics will never be forgotten and she clearly had the best album campaign of the year.

5. "I Will Never Let You Down" by Rita Ora

While people hate on Rita Ora, this song was just so good, so amazing, so thrilling it made me believe Rita could be the popstar she was destined to be in 2014. Hopefully, this premonition will come true in 2015.

4. "No Price" by Slam Dunk'd feat. Chromeo & Al-P

Dear god, this song was fantastic, wasn't it? A balls to the wall disco raveathon never hurt anyone and this surely made 2014 a great year to be a pop fan.

3. "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX

Let's just forget the twitter wars and controversies for a second to remember that "Fancy" was brilliant. Like really, truly, insanely brilliant. One might be inclined to think it might have just been Charli's part that made it amazing but it really was a shared effort and 2014 would not have been the same without hearing "First things first, I'm the realest."

2. "I Wanna Be With You" by YYZ

This song is currently my most listened to song on my computer, I won't disclose how much I've listened to it because it's actually rather embarrassing. That's just a testament to the spazztastic production, killer vocals, and general X factor this song possesses. Who knows, maybe YYZ will be the proud artists behind next year's best single?

1. "Boom Clap" by Charli XCX

One of the requirements of a single of the year is that on the first listen you should have the immediate thought of "THIS IS THE SINGLE OF THE YEAR!!!!" Just like last year's "I Love It," Charli XCX makes it very clear from that first BOOM that she understands this vital concept in pop music.

 It was only a matter of time for Charli to get a hit single that would define an era of pop music. Her style and songwriting skills are far beyond whatever constraints the world of pop has tried to put on her, which is one of the reasons why she is my favorite artist. So congratulations Charli and keep up the good work in 2015!

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