Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Step It Up" by Bianca

With the death of one career comes the beginning of a new and probably more amazing one. Such is the case with Bianca, mononymous singer of song that knows her way around a song or two. Ms. Bianca used to be a member of all right girl group Parade, who were responsible for one okay song, one crap song, and one amazing song before calling it quits. Hopefully Mutya Keisha Siobhan doesn't follow that plan. Along with that, Bianca provided the backup vocals on future Christmas classic "One More Sleep" by the Goddess that is Leona Lewis.

Now, Bianca appears ready to go solo, working with some legendary writers (Girls Aloud was mentioned!!!!!) and what a DEBUT she has! "Step It Up" brings to mind the best of fellow mononymous artist Madonna while mixing in elements of Italo disco. As anyone knows, Italo disco is the best music genre for various reasons, one of which are those quick violin strings and audible lasers throughout the song. Seeing as how Ronika (mononym) and Bianca are both from Nottingham, it makes sense I suppose. If she can make an album of about 12 of these, Bianca's already got a Best of 20… album in the making!

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