Monday, April 17, 2017

Bye Bye Joanne, It's Nice To See You Again Gaga

Lady Gaga. What a woman.

It's strange to think of a time when Lady Gaga has not been the defining force behind pop music since her debut in 2008. Who knew that a electropop-loving 80's obsessed diva from New York would change the world in such a humungous way? Even at her lowest point, threatening us with Americana rock and Bud Lite themed country ballads, Gaga has managed to come up with hits that carried her signature wit, charm, and charisma. But something has changed in Gaga, something for the better for her and for her fans.

Lady Gaga has slowly come out of her Joanne stupor in a wonderful way. From her amazing performance the Super Bowl (reminding America of all the joy she brought in her 10 years in the industry) to her pop culture appearances in Drag Race and Coachella, Gaga has pieced together all the little parts of why we loved her in the first place. And without fail, she laid the final piece of puzzle to fully relaunch her status as a pop icon.

She debuted her new single "The Cure".

What can we say about his miraculous song? It's a completely on brand, feel good anthem that has touches of tropical house and Ariana-esque R&B that fits perfectly with the sound of 2017. The soft vocals during the verses show a rare side of Gaga that has not been at the forefront of her older bangers but we get the powerhouse of a chorus that has been Gaga's signature for a while. Dr. Gaga has officially solved the healthcare problem as she declares "I'LL FIX YOU WITH MY LOVE" on what should most definitely be a #1 single. In these dark times, seeing our pop queens like Gaga and Lana enjoying their lives is therapeutic and if "The Cure" is any indication of what is coming next, Lady Gaga can once again rule the world.

"The Cure" came out yesterday and is already everywhere so get into this monster of a pop tune. You already follow her on everything because SHE'S FUCKING LADY GAGA!

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