Monday, August 22, 2016

Song Of The Day: "Dopamine" by Frøder

Yes, she is Scandinavian

Singles often stand as the best offerings by most artists. But there are the rare few whose best songs are actually album tracks. Frøder is one of these few lucky artists.

The Norwegian vocalist has today released her self-titled debut album and among the icy downtempo synths and occasional house banger comes a monster of a track begging for a 7 minute extended version called "Dopamine".

It starts off with synth stabs atop a drum machine chugging along, which has to be the best way to open a song. Then more drums come in before an absolute perfect pop moment happens in the chorus. It's edgy and modern pop that sounds like what you would want Robyn to release in 2016.

Frøder can be found here on Twitter and Soundcloud and her debut album is well worth the listen for "Dopamine" alone.

Best Bits: The rush of synths as the chorus comes in with the observation that "The Dopamine, this rush, you're giving me!"

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