Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Honey" by Bifford
It's fall and Halloween and to celebrate, our dear friend Bifford has decided to make a video for an above average acoustic song.

You remember Bifford right? He had that one song that sounded like old school Robyn? And had THIS AMAZING INTERVIEW? Well his new Science EP is coming out soon, on which you can listen to "Honey". The song was inspired by the key changes in Michael Jackson songs as well as the iconic "Love On Top" ending that allows Bifford to give his best vocal performance to date.

The other songs on the EP have some really good bits scattered about so it will be really interesting to hear the full collection when it comes out. Make sure to keep up with the budding popstar on Twitter and Soundcloud. He's a fun one, that Bifford.

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