Sunday, December 27, 2015

NSOTP Best Music Videos of 2015

Let's be real: 2015 was a great year for music but not so much for music videos. They all either involved blasé dance routines, people shaking their asses, or an unrealistic plot line. The worst one was brand new for 2015: the endless celebrity cameos. Thanks for that one Taylor...

 However, some music videos were quite amazing and here are the best five. Don't you love holiday roundups? They really let you clear through the shit and find the best bits of the entire year. Anyways, here we go.

5. "Your Type" by Carly Rae Jepsen

When we first heard this song, we thought there would be no video that could capture the simultaneous outpouring of hopelessness and wistful joy that the song describes so effortlessly. Then, this masterpiece came out and pretty much sealed Carly's position as the most romantically relatable pop star on the planet.

4. "No Words" by Erik Hassle

Erik's video starts out like any other boring Euro dance video, girls dancing in a kitchen with predominantly gray highlights. Then Erik shows up and things get weird. When the girls realize a creep is in their house and destroys their breakfast, you can see that "No Words" has more personality that a lot of the high budget videos released this year.

3. "Blue" by Marina & The Diamonds

It has all the Marina signatures of wonderful art direction with a bit of campy kitsch. But more importantly than anything, MARINA IS DANCING! Surely, Marina can be accepted as the international superstar she deserves to be.

2. "Moments" by Tove Lo

The reason why Tove Lo is one of the top 3 pop entities on the planet is her relatable darkness. "Moments" shows her at peace with these dark thoughts and owning her bad bitch persona. The video provides comfort to a huge group of weirdos and maniacs that the world likes to isolate. Luckily, these weirdos and maniacs are the ones that make the world such an amazing place to live in. Tove is one of us and "Moments" is a window into her life that makes her relatable and aspirational at the same time. The true characteristics of a superstar.

1. "Baby Love" by Petite Meller

Petite Meller's "Baby Love" video literally has everything. Giraffes, bunny costumes, African children, flamingoes, dancing, a little girl playing a saxophone. But most importantly, it has an enigmatic pop star at its center whose appeal is instant enough to signal a brand new pop force to be reckoned with. It reminds us of Gaga at her most brilliant but "Baby Love" has an organic element that sets it apart from any other video this year. Congratulations to Petite Meller and we cannot wait for the visuals of 2016.

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