Thursday, July 23, 2015

Song Of The Day: "The Other Boys" by NERVO feat. Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears, and Nile Rodgers

Summer bangers appear to be getting better and better as 2015 goes on and this new song featuring some of the greatest talents in pop and dance of the world is pretty much unstoppable. "The Other Boys" serves as the millionth single from Australian EDM divas NERVO, whose work you may know if you go to any festival anywhere. (They also co-wrote David Guetta's "When Love Takes Over", so they know their way around a pop tune). Miriam and Olivia have become the forefront female DJs in the entire world and have been readying their debut album Collateral for quite some time, which should be due out tomorrow!!!!

"The Other Boys" combines the talents of disco king Nile Rodgers on guitar and production, disco queen Kylie Minogue whose music has saved humanity on countless occasions, and disco icon Jake Shears whose status as the lead singer of the Scissor Sisters solidifies his status as one of the top 50 people in pop.

What happens when you put all four of their abilities together? A sassy yet subtly vulnerable funk track that sets itself apart from all the other EDM crap that takes over dance radio. Jake's powerful voice takes the spotlight with Kylie's angelic cooing acting as a nice back and forth as both question their male crush "Why don't you love me like the other boys do?"

This has been one of the great questions of humanity, and you can now ponder it on the dance floor. It's nice to have everyone back in top form, isn't it?

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