Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Hit & Run" by YYZ


Annually amazing pop outfit and friends of the blog YYZ are back after over a year since their last single. And what a single THAT was. After creating the second best song of 2014, the duo have been up to quite a bit. Lead singer Ali McNally has gotten married (and gave Solange a run for her money with that wedding), moved to New Orleans, started a fashion boutique, styled a bunch of music videos over the past year, and did THIS INCREDIBLE INTERVIEW.

Well, it looks like the group have returned to drop another great single in 2015. Like their past two singles, it's a night time ready, four-on-the-floor club banger with frenetic synths bouncing all over the 5-minute long masterpiece. Unlike "Lost In The Mix" and "I Wanna Be With You", "Hit & Run" has a much darker and more dramatic tone that makes the best of Ali's attitude-oozing vocal. It sounds like if Nero went a little more pop or if The Sound of Arrows made a 2015 comeback. If that wasn't good enough, the video for the single dropped today and makes for the perfect companion to the track. The fashion is en pointe, the adventure more exciting than "Bad Blood", and Ali remains as captivating as the first time you heard YYZ in action. Though a dance routine couldn't hurt around the 3 min mark...

With three criminally incredible singles over the course of three years, it looks like we'll be getting a stellar debut album by YYZ by 2025. Until then, make sure to buy "Hit & Run" and its remixes on iTunes or stream it on whatever service you choose, because YYZ is nothing if not thorough!

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