Sunday, March 8, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Lighthouse" by G.R.L.

G.R.L. had all the makings of becoming the worthy successor to the Pussycat Dolls that they were originally planning to be. In fact, they had the potential to be something much more than that, a group that had all the spunk and effervescence to deliver bona fide corkers but each girl had their own unique charisma to set themselves apart.

They had one of the greatest singles of the year with "Ugly Heart", a song that resonates deep within any person who has dated a douchebag and a top 10 song in a lot of countries. Everything was looking up for the girls until tragedy struck when Simone Battle sadly passed away.

With 2015, the G.R.L.'s have decided to carry on and give a touching tribute to their fallen friend with the touching ballad "Lighthouse." The song sends a message of looking out for those in their times of trouble and that life is not worth throwing away because of the amazing things that we have. It's heartfelt, and gorgeous and the video is just as loving. Good luck to G.R.L and I hope Simone can have a little more peace with the love they show with this song.

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