Thursday, January 22, 2015

Song Of The Day: "There Are No Miracles" by Bright Light Bright Light

What a cutie!
Once in a blue moon, the music industry decides to make the wise decision to release the best song off an album as a single. Last time this has happened in recent memory is Kylie Minogue releasing "The One" off her X album. Look how amazing that turned out!!!!

Fate has smiled upon Bright Light Bright Light's brilliant album Life Is Easy as the very best song is being released as a single! "There Are No Miracles" is the type of wistful pseudo ballad that turns into a banger that would make Will Young proud. The best bits are right before the chorus when the guitar does a wondrous riff that makes the world feel 60% better. 

Bright Light Bright Light is currently doing some shows in the Mercury Lounge in New York and it is sure to be a magical event. Meanwhile check out my review of Life Is Easy, the official 4th best album of 2014.

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