Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Future Smash Hit: "Right Here, Right Now" by Giorgio Moroder & Kylie Minogue + The New Moroder Album


It looks like we may have found the best song of 2015 early this year!!!


Much like previous winners, within the first listen, I was crying tears of joy on the dance floor. It's euphoric, it's magical, it will never leave your head no matter how hard you try. But trust me, you won't want to.

If you want to know why, it is because the voice of an actual angel you hear in the song is none other than official POP GODDESS KYLIE MINOGUE!!! That's right! The singer behind the 2000's greatest song and the world's greatest love song is also the reason why this song just takes it to the next level. The song, a collaboration with legendary disco producer Giorgio Moroder, behind most of Donna Summers' best hits, is the first single of Moroder's new album. The song's disco squelches lead into Kylie's heavenly vocals luring you to the dance floor. The pre-chorus shows Kylie's sassy declaration of "Nothing ever felt as good as this." That's when the Italo disco strings come in and Kylie literally screams to her lover. It clocks in at 3:30 which is the official best time for a pop song. It is literally EVERYTHING!

The song is available on iTunes right now with an album coming out later. Let me digress and explain why this album, 74 Is The New 24 (fantastic title), is likely to be the best album of the year. Moroder essentially defined what disco is and as we all know, disco was the greatest accomplishment man has ever achieved. So a full album of disco is likely to be 100% amazing. But wait till you hear the collaborations. 

  1. We have some Moroder vocals on the promo single "74 is the New 24
  2. The Kylie collab is clearly amazing (have I mentioned BEST SONG OF 2015?). 
  3. There is a confirmed collaboration with the princess of pop and certified Working Bitch, Ms. BRITNEY SPEARS!!! It's Moroder, bitch.
  4. There is a confirmed collaboration with one of the best songwriters in the world, the true elusive chanteuse, and certified Chandelier swinger, SIA!!! Imagine that voice in a disco?
  5. There is a confirmed collaboration with the greatest popstar of our generation, NSOTP's favorite artist and certified Boom Clapper, CHARLI XCX!!!! If you heard a thud, that was me fainting.
  6. There is a confirmed collaboration with alt-pop goddess, optical purveyor of perfection, and one of the best voices in pop at the moment, FOXES!!! If you heard her single "Let Go For Tonight," you'll realize just how amazing this disco sound will be.
  7. The boys are involved too, don't worry. Perennial Rihanna collaborator and indie singer to the stars, Mikky Ekko will appear on the album. There will also be EDM featured superstar and Carly Rae Jepsen lover, Matthew Koma. Because disco sees no gender.
  8. There are rumors that French boy genius and Lady GaGa collaborator Madeon will play a part in the album. On the other hand, Moroder may be involved in Madeon's upcoming album instead (which will also be amazing for different reasons).
  9. There are also rumors that a certain Ultraviolent bitch will be taking a break from her Honeymoon (REFERENCE) to help Moroder on the new album. For those uneducated, I'm talking about Lana Del Rey!!!
So there you have it, 9 reasons why the new Moroder album is going to be amazing. Keep your eyes on the blog because I'll be as up to date as I can on this musical marvel.

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