Friday, January 9, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Living Without You" by Tulisa

When she's not replacing sick Spice Girls on TV or being the so-called "female boss," Tulisa can be a pretty good popstar in her own right. Her new song "Living Without You" has been knocking around for a couple of months now but it's still a banger and it just came out over in the UK. Just ignore the fact that this sounds like a Kiesza single and you can hear just how brilliant it is.

If this deep house masterpiece was not enough already, the video contains many elements that make it instantly iconic.

1) Multiple attractive shirtless men
2) Vogue-esque dance routines that are simultaneously replicable and mesmerizing
3) McDonald's product placement
4) Leopard Print!!!!

Here is the visual masterpiece in full!

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