Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Honors" by John Dahlbäck feat. Rebecca & Fiona

They just do everything better in Sweden! Even EDM! The genre has been going out of mainstream over the past year but every now and then a song comes around that reminds us that it was meant to give us that rush of euphoria nothing else can give you. Unless you do drugs, in which case, be safe! Anyways, Swedish DJ John Dahlbäck has a pretty good strategy when it comes to making special EDM songs. Teaming up with major pop songstresses gives his songs some especially killer hooks and, let's be real, nothing is better than a musical femme fatale singing her heart out. 

This is where popstars/DJs Rebecca & Fiona come in. The two girls are already major superstars in their home country of Sweden (duh) and make some pretty killer dance tracks with a distinct pop edge. Plus their vocal delivery as robotic sirens has enchanted everyone from Kaskade to "I Love It" hit maker Style Of Eye. Thankfully, they bring the same spirit to John's track "Honors." That electro hook after the chorus rivals Sia's wailing as one of the best things in pop at the moment.  This other track with Little Boots is pretty good too but "Honors" is definitely a masterpiece. This was a match made in heaven and an album of EDivaM music would be just great John!

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