Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Next Big Thing: Eden xo Is Finally Ready To Bring Pop To Its Knees

It takes time for a popstar to really break out and sometimes, an image rebranding has to occur for someone to really get going. You may know cases like Verbalicious (Natalia Kills), Jade Williams (Whinnie Williams), or Elizabeth Grant (LANA DEL REY!). Unfortunately, this means that a lot of great music gets shelved because the rebranding and changing of record labels makes it hard for an artist to release their music and even harder to get the mainstream success they deserve.

This has been the fate of pop's baddest bitch in the making Jessie Malakouti. This chick has been around since 2008 after losing her old band and making a name for herself with singles like "Standing Up For The Lonely" and "Outsider" (ambitious isn't she?). She has also had some luck with big breaks as her single "Trash Me" briefly caused a media storm when people realized Britney Spears's song "If You Seek Amy" sounded oddly similar (exactly the same) to it. Here it for yourself.

After having some her songs featured on The Hills (legendary status achieved), Jessie signed with EMI records and worked alongside XENO FUCKING MANIA for her first album, that has yet to come out. With everything going for her, Jessie shed her old name and adopted the new incarnation of Jessie and The Toy Boys. And how brilliant were they. Just look at this picture of her.

Mega Popstar moment achieved

Now that's a fucking promo shot. The Toy Boys were actually just mannequins that were Jessie's band. Take that Florence's Machine and Marina's Diamonds. As a die hard Fannequin, Jessie and the Toy Boys were the coolest act on the scene back in 2010 and her debut EP Show Me Your Tan Lines was the perfect mix of sass, romance, ecstasy, and hilarity that only a few popstars can accomplish. Her song "We Own The Night" was also used to promote The CW, so it looked like everything was on trend for The Toy Boys to take over for Queen Jessie. She even snagged a gig opening The Femme Fatale Tour with fellow female icons Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, and NERVO. The following are incredible songs with incredible titles and notice how Jessie successfully took best video of the year with each song released.




Essentially, Jessie and The Toy Boys will go down as one of the best pop bands that wasn't a band in history. After many stops to her album coming out, it seems that Jessie gave up on the project and thought it would be best to go to her birth name. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to restart her career, although we did get the college girl anthem "White Girl Wasted", which is the story of my Saturday nights. It seemed as though Jessie would fade away into pop obscurity but luckily, she got signed to Virgin and was given another chance to properly slay the charts. And with this, we have Eden xo, Jessie's newest incarnation and probably the key to true stardom. Although her time has been brief, Eden has really been killing it with her new single "Too Cool To Dance" forcing everyone to let loose on the dancefloor. The Fred Falke produced banger has all the sass and fun that made me fall in love with the Toy Boys era and it looks like Eden is here to stay. So say hello to the most exciting pop act on the horizon.

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