Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Too Cool To Dance (Fred Falke Remix)" by Eden xo

Recent Next Big Thing featured artist Eden xo has a new single bumping around here and there. It's called "Too Cool To Dance" and it's a classic pop song that proves the best people are the ones who dance without shame. Eden's trademark cool bitch personality is in center stage and she may usurp Kesha and Rihanna as the baddest femme in pop at the moment (that's a call to action ladies!). I mean, who wouldn't want to be this girl's bestie?

While the original track is platinum level brilliant, this remix by the legendary Fred Falke properly brings Too Cool To Dance to the dance floor. Eden's call for "Bitches better recognize" sounds amazing atop the pulsing beat and electrifying production and it goes fully mental during the chorus. If you don't feel the need to dance after this song, there's no hope for you.

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