Friday, August 22, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Get Lost" by Icona Pop

ICONA POP ARE BACK! That's right, Swedish girl group, masters of the shouty pop song, and the artist's behind THE BEST SONG OF 2013!!!!! have returned to give us more music. Before blowing up with their Charli XCX co-write, Aino and Caroline were known for a more indietronica sound but they made the correct decision to become true popstars and their debut album in the states was a nonstop joyride of anthemic pop songs.

Unfortunately, the public kind of thought they were one-hit wonders despite "All Night" being amazing as well. But the girls aren't fucking around now. Their new single, just released today, "Get Lost" is a signature Icona Pop song, complete with rollicking piano riffs, a slight retro feel, and a no fucks given chorus. Much like "I Love It", just try not to sing along to this while driving down the coast, "leaving this fucked up world BEHIND!" Could Icona Pop repeat their success and claim BEST SONG OF 2014 too?!? "Get Lost" may just do that!

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