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NSOTP Best Albums of 2016

This is quite late since we've just finished half of 2017, but this definitive list of the very best pop albums of 2016 had to be made. So here it is. It took a very special album to follow the godly precedent of Carly Rae Jepsen's divine odyssey known as E•MO•TION. But some very amazing music was released last year and some of the best album artwork that has ever been made, so let's get to it and find out who was killing the pop game in the dark year that was 2016.

Honorable Mentions

Lion Babe- Begin

Lion Babe's unique brand of future R&B and soul made their debut albums sound like nothing else out there. With some harder beats and a little more pop sensibility, this could have paired their insane live charisma to some serious bangers.

Empire Of The Sun - Two Vines

Dream-pop purveyors of fantasy Empire of the Sun have remained pretty consistent in keeping their unique ethereal music at top quality and their third album shows they have mastered this art. While some tracks hit the spot, a few leave you wanting more to be desired. But tracks like "Friends" and "Welcome To My Life" remind of you why you fell in love with the Empire way back when.

Gwen Stefani - What The Truth Feels Like

Gwen's successful return to solo stardom was largely due to her partnership with global superstar in the works Julia Michaels and her partner Justin Tranter, who idolized Gwen throughout his career. The love and passion was injected into almost every track and with a little more oomph, it would have been a no brainer to include Gwen in the top 33. Still, songs like "Make Me Like You" and "Misery" have wonderful Swedish sensibilities that we could see Gwen turning into masterpieces on her next collection.

All Saints - Red Flag

As if 2016 couldn't be reviled anymore than it already has, almost every girl band album this year was subpar. The first example would be All Saints' comeback album. While lead single "One Strike" was the perfect way to start off the era, the album's cohesion led to a lack of defined hits. It was a welcome return to the fray for such a legendary group and like Gwen, was only a little bit off of being one of the best of the year.

Fifth Harmony - 7/27

The horribly titled Fifth Harmony album was a huge improvement from their confused and misguided debut. With singles like "That's My Girl" and "Work From Home", it's no surprise that they were the best girl group in the world for a hot second. But their forays into trop-pop and island beats diluted all the special moments found throughout the collection. Without Camila, maybe they can fine-tune their style even more as 4H?

Little Mix - Glory Days

Glory Days just barely missed out on this list. Little Mix did their best to mix in those Britpop hits that made them famous with some 60's swing music thanks to some help from joke-pop masters Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth... Unfortunately, they lacked what the All Saints album accomplished: cohesion that would have boosted some of the weaker tracks and made the stronger ones stand out more. But Glory Days is filled with potential hits and knowing Little Mix, hopefully all of them get the single treatment. 

Finally, let's get onto the BEST 33 ALBUMS OF 2016!!!

33. Lady Gaga - Joanne

Lady Gaga's newest reincarnation as the guitar-wielding country loving Americana diva might be her most confusing move to date. But what you can always expect from Gaga is the unexpected. Mark Ronson's input on Joanne is fairly inconspicuous as is most of her collaborators' but that just makes the high points along this dirt road another Gaga signature. Most importantly, Joanne is hopefully just a stepping stone on Gaga's journey to creating the disco album she has always promised and we have always deserved.
Is the artwork amazing? YES!
While it's not her usual assortment of insanity, the most convincing part about Gaga's new understated look began with the pink hat.

32. Rihanna - Anti

The transition of Rihanna's career from chart-topping singles to avant-garde pop artistry was a slippery slope. From random singles involving Paul McCartney and album leaks everywhere, Anti was certainly not an easy listen. But maybe that was the point. While Rih Rih could have taken the same advice for Gaga about editing, her new take on R&B and trip-hop makes the album a unique each time you listen to it. But Rihanna truly soars on the balladry, which has quickly become her strength in the years since her banger days.
Is the artwork amazing? MEH...
Rihanna has never really had that much great artwork and I'm sure Anti's has something to do with her newfound artistry. Too bad it wasn't obvious right away. 

31. Gemini - Wanderlust

Gemini may have made some pretty dodgy dubstep back in the day but traveling the world and falling love certainly had a profound effect on his music (as it would do to any good pop star). Wanderlust is a truly magical experience that takes ethereal electronica and pairs it with a romantic experience. In a lot of ways, I wish this was the debut album by Harry Styles but oh well...
Is the artwork amazing? Yes.
The art tells the whole story of the album in a single image. So quite effective.

30. The 1975 - I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

Along with the most pretentious title on this list and possibly ever in the history of insane album titles, The 1975 managed to embrace the pop essence I first heard on "Girls" to create a frankly bizarre collections of intelligent guitar pop. Some of its finest moments happen due to lead singer Matty's charisma and lyrics that could have some Shakespearean scholars transfixed. If not for the 6 minute long atmospheric tracks stuck in the middle, this would be much higher on the list.
Is the artwork amazing? Not really...
No one loves  neon signs as much as me but considering you can barely read what they say and the album certainly can't be called minimalist, we're going to have to give this one a C-

29. Ekkoes - Elekktricity

Ekkoes are a UK based band whose music resembles their recent tour mates The Human League. With both a male and female vocal and a high-paced mix of guitars and synths, it makes sense that their music resonates with a wide group of people. But the real reason why Elekktricity has hit number 29 on this list is the unexpectedly amazing sense of romance and euphoria that so many of their songs accomplish with ease.
Is the artwork amazing? Nope...
But honestly, that's part of the reason why the album is amazing. There are no expectations going in and Ekkoes certainly exceed them.

28. Elliphant - Living Life Golden

Swedish singer Elliphant has slowly climbed the pop ranks thanks to a couple of timely collaborations as well as creating one of the greatest singles of 2015 with "Love Me Badder". Her debut international album sees her continue with her just left of center take on reggae and electropop plus some notable production from hitmakers Joel Little, Major Lazer, and Dr. Luke... Ignoring that bit, the whole album is undoubtedly Scandinavian without losing Elephant's unique pop sensibility.
Is the artwork amazing? DEAR GOD FUCK YES!!!
The best artwork on this list features Elliphant laying in the lap of a giant Furby in the middle of a suburb. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!?!

27. ZAYN - Mind of Mine

Listen, I'm not under the same 1D fuck-the-twunk spell that most of the world is under when it comes to the boy band members. But you have to give credit where credit is due. And Mind of Mine is a fully realized work of R&B that fulfills all of ZAYN's desires without losing its uniqueness. While "Pillowtalk" remains the only dud, ZAYN weaves his way through the journey of a womanizer and you can see that he has a clear vision of who he wants to be and the music he wants to make. 
Is the artwork amazing? It's all right...
Not much to say about his one. Kids on albums have been done before. The deluxe version has a shirtless Zayn on it so that's better for sure.

26. Clare Maguire - Stranger Things Have Happened

Much like most of the songs on Stranger Things Have Happened, my love for Clare Maguire has been quite slow burning. But once you put the album in the context of enormous depression ballad "Elizabeth Taylor", you understand that Clare is just here to tell you about the struggles of life on top of some cool acoustic top lines. The frankness of her lyrics would make Amy Winehouse proud and it's great to see Clare find her place on the pop there. Like she sings, she just wants "someone to laugh at my shit jokes".
Is the artwork amazing? Sure.
Black and white will always be timeless so Clare was smart to pair that with her music. An element of surprise wouldn't have hurt but maybe we'll get fireworks and confetti next time?

25. Pet Shop Boys - Super

We're on our thirteenth Pet Shop Boys album and Jesus Christ, they still got it! The 90's rave vibes are abundant on tracks like "The Pop Kids" and "Groovy" but you still get your bits of baroque, bits of new wave, and even a trop-pop influenced banger with "Say It To Me". Stuart Price's production value can be felt on most tracks but the lyrics that reference everything from Donald Trump to millennial behavior are the real highlight as they're as strong as ever. Don't you just love pop stars who love pop music as much as you?
Is the artwork amazing? For a PSB album, yes.
They aren't much for images at the Pet Shop...

24. The Knocks - 55

The debut from The Knocks took a LONG time to get here but thankfully, it's just as amazing as we expected. Taking their dance background and morphing it into something new with every track, The Knocks paint a beautiful picture of pop and soul on the New York City dance floor. Thanks to collaborations with POWERS, Phoebe Ryan, Justin Tranter, and Carlegend Ray Of Light Jepceptional, the vocals add the killer hooks to their immaculate production.
Is the artwork amazing? Yes very much.
I like to think that they got one of their pop star friends (my money is on ) to go into the kitchen of a random restaurant in Chinatown and said "This is it".

23. Sia - This Is Acting

It's a testament to Sia's strength as a songwriter to be able to create an entire album made from popstar reject tracks. That the album spawned number one hits and some of Sia's best songs of her career is just the cherry on top. While Adele, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Shakira missed out, Sia was able to continue on her streak as a master balladeer and weirdly enough, have some bangers like "Move Your Body" and "Cheap Thrills". Imagine if Charli and Tove released an album like this?!
Is the artwork amazing? Hard to tell but I guess so.
The puckered face does not seem to make sense immediately. But the wig evolution is nice.

22. Olly Murs - 24 HRS

You know, it's been an uphill journey for Olly Murs to reach his full pop potential. After 5 albums and many almost amazing singles, Olly set up the 24 HRS era with a "Run Away With Me" -esque lead single and worked with extraordinary songwriters MNEK, Camille Purcell, and Ina Wroldsen. The result is a smart collection of elegant electropop that goes from his usual brand of soul and doo-wop to genuinely romantic sadbangers and everything in between. It's a surprise to be getting such a good album from Olly but I guess that's what pop is all about.
Is the artwork amazing? Meh, not really.
But we can't be too hard on him, let Olly focus on the quality music.

21. Banks - The Altar

You can always count on Banks to make some quality minimal electropop with a sinister and dark atmosphere. Her ability at storytelling and getting to the fucked up heart of relationship have only improved since her debut. The Altar shows her signature heartbreaking ballads sitting right next to pop monsters "Gemini Feed" and "Trainwreck". I hope this is upwards trajectory that would lead to Banks getting some chart hits to reward her songwriting skill.
Is the artwork amazing? Yes.
The rawness of the art matches that of the music, so well played Banks.

20. Busted - Night Driver

Somehow, Busted went from the poster boys of British pop punk to new wave 80's heartthrobs. Seriously, John Hughes is rolling in his grave not being able to incorporate any of these synth-tastic jams for his movies. While the title track and "New York" pay an obvious homage to hits of the past century, it is the incorporation of these elements into modern tracks like "Kids With Computers" and the sax-filled "On What You're On" that make this album worthy of a top 20 spot.
Is the artwork amazing? Yes!
The purple haze and neon hue sums up all the romance and youthful fantasy that made 80's pop music so special.

19. Lauren Aquilina - Isn't It Strange?

Do you know what the saddest thing might be in pop music? When a pop star decides it is time that why stop making music to pursue another interest. Such is the case with Lauren Aquilina, whose debut album captures all the intimate details of a broken relationship and a broken heart. It's truly sad when you hear how well Lauren's expertise at songwriting pairs with her unique brand of power pop. From the catchy Clarkson-esque "Hurt Any Less" to the bitter banger "Kicks", it is hard to let go of such an amazing pop star. However, I wish Lauren all the best in future endeavors and will be listening to this album many times in the future.
Is the artwork amazing? Not really...
If anything, another Aquilina album could be made to redeem her artwork reputation at the very least.

18. Bright Light Bright Light - Choreography

I can always get behind a new album by my favorite male pop star Bright Light Bright Light. It just gets better when this album was inspired by iconic movie soundtracks and is a brass-filled pop extravaganza. While some of the crystalline pop structure that made me fall in love with Rod's earlier material is lost here, there are some pretty magical moments on uplifting love songs "Running Back To You" and "Little Bit", which has the best use of sax since Carly's own anthem. Alongside his ongoing cover EPs, this album era appears to be good for BLBL and his ability to evoke romance and emotion has never faltered.
Is the artwork amazing? Really amazing!
The rainbow paints, the pose, the handsome man. It has everything you could want!

17. Foxes - All I Need

Foxes mixing of organic beats with tribal and magical synths has been a delight to see grow since she first popped up in 2012. In All I Need, Foxes strips everything back even further to create an album of timeless pop tunes that will slowly work their way into your heart for years to come. The best tracks are synth pop anomaly "Body Talk", the chopped vocals of "Cruel" and the heartfelt balladry of "If You Leave Me Now". Despite the acoustic-themed production, All I Need shows Foxes' diversity at its peak and makes me very excited for whatever she comes up with next!
Is the artwork amazing? Unfortunately no.
Whatever weird stripped back aesthetic Foxes was going for with this tight tank and jeans, it fails to work. Get a new stylist next time around honey.

16. Beyoncé - Lemonade

Okay, this might be an unpopular opinion but #16 is the exact place that Beyoncé's visual odyssey Lemonade should be. Don't get me wrong, if this was a list of visual albums Beyoncé would be at number 1 & 2 but the songs themselves have a lack of cohesion, which is actually compelling. The small army of writers and producers that helped to craft Lemonade definitely related to the narrative of a woman slighted and Beyoncé delivered every lyric, every heartbreak, every deception with the professionalism that we have come to expect and adore. The only question left is: what will Beyoncé do next?
Is the artwork amazing? Adequate.
Living for the jacket and braids but it would be nice to see Yoncé's face.

15. Broods - Conscious

Broods off-center electropop has always been on the brink of genius but for the first time they managed to jump off the edge (OF GLORY). On their sophomore album Conscious, Broods take a darker turn into more brooding (I'll stop) territory that veers into dramatic on "Free" and "Are You Home" but balladry finds a natural place on this collection. The New Zealand duo deserve much more attention and it's exciting to see where they will head from here.
Is the artwork amazing? Quite good.
The use of black to match the sonic atmosphere was a nice touch, and who doesn't love symmetry?

14. Tegan and Sara - Love You to Death

Remember in the glory days of 2013 when Tegan and Sara came out of nowhere with a sugary-sweet synth pop album that put almost every other musician to shame? Well, they came back to do it again!!! Love You to Death is much more succinct than Heartthrob but their work with Greg Kurstin produced more pop gems that still have all the bright energy they have come be known for. Although "Boyfriend" might have been too perfect of a lead single, the introspection on whose fault led to the end of a relationship has much more of a bite to it than before. The romance and joy are still present on "Stop Desire" and "BWU" so hopefully the twins just keep popping these albums out for the next century.
Is the artwork amazing? For the smoky eye alone.
It's not one of the best on this list but Tegan and Sara do a good job with coordinating looks. Maybe it's the twin aspect...

13. Kaiser Chiefs - Stay Together

Kaiser Chiefs made some pretty great music in the mid-2000s. Xenomania also made some pretty great music in the mid-2000s up until the mid-2010s. It only made sense that uniting the two would create a crash of pop elegance. While we are used to females fronting Xenomania hits, the majority of the best songs on this Kaiser Chiefs album are essentially Girls Aloud songs with a man singing over them. I mean, "Parachute" is essentially a mix of "The Loving Kind" and Florrie's "Little White Lies", two of the greatest songs to have ever been written. But the best songs on the album are when the Chiefs' guitar sensibility overrides production, as seen on "Hole In My Soul" and "Happen In A Heartbeat". It would be nice to have a constant stream of Xenobangers but one nice album every now and then would be fantastic as well.
Is the artwork amazing? Nope, sorry, no way.
Come on guys, you have an album full of elegant floor-fillers and you decided on some randomly colored lines? 

12. St. Lucia - Matter

The New York based band St. Lucia released Matter at the very beginning of 2016 and its relentless optimism and 80's sensibility kept it at the top of my list every quarter. Honestly, the very first track  sets the tone for an ecstatic set of top-notch pop. It's nice to hear a man sound so excited to sing over electropop and even on some of the slower songs there is a lot of pop enthusiasm. I'll end by saying that it is physically impossible to not dance to this record and that is the greatest thing you can ask from a popstar.
Is the artwork amazing? Very much so yes.
Cartoon versions of themselves in a Brooklyn loft with a husky thrown in for kicks? Yes, we like this cover very much.

11. Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman

All the greatest stars have done drastic reinventions of their image to signal the arrival of some of their best material. Just ask Christina or Beyoncé. Here we have Ariana Grande straddling almost every genre as a S&M rabbit superhero. While it could have made more sense in the context of a story, Dangerous Woman is full of pop hits from cabaret bangers, to brass filled funk on "Greedy", the elegant electropop of "Touch It" and the absolute monster of a club track with "Into You". The best part is that we can see Ariana going on to top this quite easily and it's nice to see a pop star still reaching for their peak.
Is the artwork amazing? Yes, Danger Bunny is amazing.
Ariana is giving Elliphant a run for her money on the crazy cover front but at least Ariana knows she  is here to entertain.

10. The Weeknd - Starboy

Who knew that The Weeknd would be one of the biggest pop stars in the planet while simultaneously releasing a collection of moody pop music that takes number 1 pop hooks and matches them with his unique R&B sensibility? But then Starboy happened. With help from Daft Punk and Max Martin and LANA FREAKING DEL REY, it was clear The Weeknd would have a hit album just from production alone. But it's actually songs like "Secrets" and "Die For You" that push the pop envelope in ways I had never anticipated. And over the course of 19 tracks, it's easy to tell why Starboy has made the top 10 list.
Is the artwork amazing? Through consistency, yes.
The lighting and color composition is very pleasing to the eyes, I see that The Weeknd took an intro to photography class.

9. Carly Rae Jepsen - EMOTION SIDE B

First there was Godney. Then there was Goduilera. And Godga. We've gone through some pretty big superstars in this crazy world of pop but no one has ascended higher than that of Carly Rae Godsen. After releasing one of the greatest albums that will forever shape history as we know it, Carly had mercy on us all to release 8 tracks that never made it onto the original opus. In the end, we have a collection of rejects that exceeds the vast majority of pop music released in history. It only gets better when you realize half the tracks are also Kylie Minogue titles!!!! Thank goodness for our Canadian savior and who knows what she has in store (I'M JUST GOING TO THE STORE) for 2017.
Is the artwork amazing? Yes, but it doesn't matter because it is CARLY RAE JEPSEN.
No explanation needed.

8. Britney Spears - Glory

Speaking of Godney, it would take a lot for our queen to come back after the mess that was Britney Jean. But damn, did Britney do the damn thing. Entering the Glory hole was one of the best moments of 2016 as her crew of songwriters including Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, and Mattman & Robin managed to create the perfect baby to Britney's best albums In The Zone and Blackout. She still has bedroom bangers (I mean "Slumber Party"...) but the crazier songs finally show the geeky charisma that makes Britney easy to love. I mean we get bilingual Brit on "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)" and a pseudo-Xenomania banger in "If I'm Dancing". But by the time you get to "Coupure Electrique" it's amazing to see how witty and smart this self-referential Britney collection has been.
Is this artwork amazing? Unfortunately no.
 The Britney promo shots alone would have killed it instead of this messed up Photoshop job.

7. Josef Salvat - Night Swim

In a year where the men of pop didn't exactly represent the best of the best, Josef Salvat rose to the top with an album of edgy, off-center synth pop. Lyrically, Josef details his life as a pathetic casanova  using some emotive imagery that would have Bieber shaking. What's really astounding is how compelling the ballads are in conjunction with the elegant bangers. From the majesty of "Punchline" and "Open Season" you have some of the best electropop this year in "Paradise" and "Constant Runners". If you think this couldn't get any better, some of the songs have FRENCH versions. This seems like the beginning of a long and beautiful career for Josef and it will be interesting to see what's next.
Is this artwork amazing? In it's own weird way, yes.
Josef appears to be fondled in the arms of a person, which based on his bisexuality could be anyone. It's raw and perverse, but so is most of the album so good job.

6. Niki & The Dove - Everybody's Heart Is Broken Now

The sultry summer funk of the Niki & The Dove album was one of the best things to soothe your soul during the darkest parts of 2016. Taking on influences from Prince and classic beach pop, the Swedish duo have outdone themselves across the impressive 17 track opus. "So Much It Hurts" and "Play It On My Radio" set up this sunny era nicely but when you listen to the whole album, it's clear that they have taken care in creating a carefree but wistful atmosphere. The true gems on EHIBN are when the Dove experiments with the weirder side of their sound, as the 7 minute "Ode to Dance Floor" makes clear. Niki & The Dove have established themselves as one of the best forces in pop around and this is one of the rare collections you'll be listening to for years to come.
Is this artwork amazing? YES!
From a marketing standpoint, it's brilliant. I want at least 5 of these necklaces for myself.

5. Ladyhawke - Wild Things

You know what the key to making a full on, guns blazing, synth screaming, pop comeback? A major life change for the better. That's exactly what happened to my favorite New Zealand pop star Ladyhawke. After an underwhelming and frustrating sophomore album, Ladyhawke took the time off to stop some unhealthy habits, fall in love, and come back to the pop world in a marvelous way. Wild Things is all of what made me fall in love with Ladyhawke's 70's New Wave sensibility so many years ago but her happiness exudes across almost every track. The joy and heart on tracks like "The River" and "Golden Girl" is what we all live for in this thing we call "pop". Congratulations to Pip Brown for this majestic collection of pop hits and further congratulations on the pregnancy!
Is the artwork amazing? For Pip, YES!
It's nice to see Ladyhawke's real face on an album and it's a classic image so it's a win-win all around.

4. Petite Meller - Lil Empire

The enigmatic and wonderfully bizarre French pop phenomenon Petite Meller made a huge impact after her insane piano banger "Baby Love" worked its way as one of my favorite songs ever. She has followed up the hit with a nonstop string of piano-driven pop hits that shows off Petite's ability to mix in sounds from across the world with her unique style. Her surprise album Lil Empire takes us across the globe, from Mongolian flutes to African beats, saxophones and strings, Petite Meller has truly been an astounding addition to the pop world. Now that she has told her unique story, it'll be interesting to see what's next but Petite seems like the type of long-lasting pop star that we will enjoy for a while. Vive la Meller!
Is the artwork amazing? For a debut, yes quite good.
With her signature blush and some foreign dress, Petite establishes herself as a worldly bard.

3. Tove Lo - Lady Wood

From conquering the heavens as the Queen of the Clouds, our favorite Swedish sad girl Tove Lo has descended to become the Lady of the Wood. Early descriptions of Tove's new sound as "dark techno" were proven true as Lady Wood is full of minimalistic pop tracks that sound like nothing around. They are also jam-packed with Tove's signature "Cool Girl" aesthetic as lyrics of drug-fueled romance and hopeless heartbreaks drive the theme of Lady Wood's self-satisfaction. Tove never stops delivering and if we do get a part 2 of Lady Wood this year, the pop orgasm will just keep on going.
Is the artwork amazing? YES!
If there's one thing Tove does well, it's that she just goes for it unapologetically. The masturbatory photo with the vaginal font seals the deal on Lady Wood's legacy.

2. Dragonette - Royal Blues

You want to know what's ridiculous. In over a decade of being in pop, one band has risen above it all, with consistent bangers, high grade production, and a unique style that can't be touched by 98% of the pop acts out today. 4 albums, 10 years, 1 word: DRAGONETTE!!!! Royal Blues has come after some pretty dramatic band history but the rebirth of Dragonette comes with a series of go lucky pop hits. "Let The Night Fall" "Lonely Heart" and the various collaborations set up this new phase well but it didn't prepare me for the solid gold songs that are on the album. "Body 2 Body" and "Darth Vader" are two of the best songs Dragonette have ever made and the other songs on the album fit perfectly in the sonic landscape of today without losing any of Dragonette's charm. Based on a past promise, we should be in for at least 3 more perfect albums but I will forever be a fan.
Is the artwork amazing? For Dragonette, always.
It's just nice to see Martina's face again, even if it's covered in multi-colored circles.

1. Shura - Nothing's Real

Shura was a shining beacon of hope during this dark year and Nothing's Real clearly established itself as the best of the best. The Madonna-esque bedroom recording treads across all the best new wave synth pop and sensitive balladry that Shura has clearly studied well. But what makes it album of the year is how well the album was produced and cared for. The lovelorn lyrics, the interwoven clips of childhood soundbytes, the nostalgic love with which Shura, Greg Kurstin, and Joel Potts created the album, it's perfect. The transition from Kidz N Stuff into Indecision is pure magic, What's It Gonna Be? and What Happened To Us? question all the best parts of love and having the epic banger "White Light" end the opus was a master stroke. It's a worthy follow up to all the best albums from Kylie and Girls Aloud, to Charli and Carly. Congratulations Shura! We can't wait to hear more!
Is the artwork amazing? A very definitive yes on this one.
If you know Shura like I know Shura, you will see that this is a very good Shura artwork.

Here is a playlist with all the best album tracks from each of these amazing albums! And don't worry there have been some great albums in 2017 too!

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