Saturday, September 16, 2017

NMF Though†s from Sep 15 - featuring Hannah Jane Lewis, Sofi Tukker, Donkeyboy, MUNA, and more!!!!

Hannah Jane Lewis made the best song this week!

Listen up people, Bjork has a new single and as usual, it is unintelligible synthpop with amazing cover art. If anyone can name the languages she is singing in, let me know.

The surprise U2 album was one of the worst things to ever happen in pop music history. Tropical house is slowly doing the same. These two forces of evil have collided on the Kygo remix of their new single. It's not full on tropical, but that makes it worse if possible. 

The Toni Braxton single is lovely in how timeless it sounds.

There is a new Sia song on the My Little Pony soundtrack!!!! It's a standard midtempo Sia ballad, and the line "I can see a Rainbow in your tears" is AMAZING, but compared to her other bangers, "Rainbow" doesn't quite hit the S(ia)weet spot. 

To fight the great Zia ballad from last week, Niall Horan has released his own called "Too Much To Ask". It's your standard piano and guitar affair but the album announcement (Flicker out in October) is exciting enough. 

Oscar and The Wolf continue their streak of moody dance pop with a breezy undercurrent on the new "Runaway". 

All right, I know I've spent the past 3 years shitting on Jessie J, and in many ways it's justified. Have you seen the Tuc biscuit ad?! Well, I have to say that her new understated single "Think About That" is great and it brings me great joy to see her on the right side of pop once again. 

I've been wary of Grace Vanderwaal's music after seeing her tote that ukelele on AGT but her single is a perfect starting point for an acoustic pop career. 

"The Answer" by William Hut is what all indie pop boys should sound like in 2017. 

Whoever Huntar is, his song "Be My Girl" is absolutely brilliant and would be a number one if any male pop star sang it. Preferably Harry Styles, but definitely any male pop star. His new album might be worth checking out. 

Leo Kalyan is an amazing British singer whose use of Indian beats and emotive lyrics prove he is one of the better male singers out there. His friendship with NSOTP favorites MNEK, Becky Hill, and Tom Aspaul also means he's got a good sense of pop in general.

The remix of Lorde's new single "Homemade Dynamite" is pleasant enough, and who doesn't want to hear SZA on every pop track, but she couldn't have included her friend Tove Lo who helped write the song? Or a mashup with last week's best song called "Dynamite Tits" ? Just thinking out loud for you Lorde. 

The Toves continue to coordinate their pop releases. This week, Tove Styrke has a straightforward pop hit with Mistakes that has a wonderfully breathy chorus. They really are the best, those Tove's. 

The Galantis is full of hits and misses but songs like Love On Me make you remember how great the dance duo can be. The best song is probably "Hey Alligator", as it was written and most likely features Bonnie McKee, an NSOTP favorite. Hopefully they work out all the kinks by album three.

The mysterious Anna Naklab has returned with another mega trance banger. She was one to watch a couple years ago but hopefully she will make more of these dance hits soon. 

I might have called every song Jessie Ware releases a masterpiece but in all honesty, they are some of the most emotional and heart wrenching songs in pop. Her new single "Alone" is an earnest call for love that has me in tears as I write this. 

Whoever Now, Now are, they have kind of made a perfect little synthpop song called "Yours". 

Confidence Man have, in a brilliant way, made a Girls Aloud album track that would have sat perfectly between Graffiti My Soul and Here We Go. Glad to see their influence is not lost. 

Swedish soul-pop has never found a better voice than Léon. Her new single "I Believe In Us" is equally as moving as her last 2 years worth of music. Seriously, my heart is breaking while hearing her confessions of a broken relationship. 

Nick Jonas has made his best single to date with "Find You". It seems like a logical progression from his older work, but the double chorus is an ingenious move. It would also make a great Ladyhawke single and that's truly a sign of something special. 

As if making one of the best albums of this decade wasn't enough, the girls of MUNA are back with a new single "In My Way". I've never been a bigger fan of guitars than with them. 

That P!nk single didn't do much for me but there is an absolute monster of a remix by Barry Harris that unlocks it's true potential as a polite banger. 

Sofi Tukker established themselves with bass heavy Portuguese trance music but it's amazing to hear them with a potential radio hit in "Best Friend". They have worked with other pop duos NERVO and The Knocks and someone named Alisa Ueno. Big fans of everyone involved. (And Tucker, hit me up gorgeous ;D )

The Popjustice 20 Quid Music Prize went down yesterday where Little Mix and Steps completely demolished the competition, which you can follow through my Twitter. One of the songs nominated was "Reborn" by Rae Morris, one that didn't blow me away and probably should have been replaced by a Dua Lipa single. However, she has decided to show up everyone with a new single today that easily trumps everything she has done before. "Do It" is just as quirky as we're used to from Rae but it has much more of a bounce to it and a big singalong chorus. Most importantly, "Do It" makes me like "Reborn" more and that is a truly extraordinary thing. Welcome to true pop stardom Rae. 

I cannot express this with more excitement but DONKEYBOY ARE BACK. The synthpop Norwegian band have been a favorite of mine for almost a decade and their new single "Kaleidoscope" is another slice of dreamy heaven that's a little harder hitting. If you're a fan of St. Lucia, and you should be, Donkeyboy 4.0 will be a great fit for you. 

Hannah Jane Lewis made some very good pop singles last year ("Hide & Go Seek" was a BANGER) but her new record deal means she's not playing around this year. She could very be well the next Carly Rae Jepsen as you can hear on the bubbly "Raincheck". Count myself as your biggest fan Hannah!

Here is a playlist of all the highlights of this week, with "Raincheck" as the finale. If you want to catch up with the best of the best, here is another playlist for 2017 pop hits.

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