Sunday, August 6, 2017

NMF Thoughts from Aug 4 - featuring Kim Petras, Stockholm Noir, Camila Cabello and more!

Kim Petras made song of the week!

It's been a while since I reviewed the week's best pop but it hasn't stopped being amazing. So I'm back to let you know what's worth checking out. 

Bebe Rexha has been one of the most frustrating pop stars to emerge since Bonnie McKee. The singer-songwriter's 2 part album is ridiculously underwhelming and her new single "That's It" doesn't do her any favors, in fact it's the worst song this week. But her feature on the Louis Tomlinson single proves just how good of a songwriter she is. I just hope she doesn't get lost in the ether like Bonnie is right now. 

Captain Cuts have produced many amazing songs for people like Tove Lo and Marina. Last year they launched their own artist project with a very good song that just missed out on the singles of the year list. They have come back with a boring song about falling in love with a drug dealer. 

Phoebe Ryan's new feel-good breakup anthem is not her worst tune but man, her songwriting is almost as bad as Katy Perry's. But we'll always have "Man On The Moon" 

Felix Jaehn's "Hot2Touch" remains one of the best songs this summer and it's follow up "Feel Good" is a pleasant if too predictable single. 

Kele from Bloc Party and Olly from Years and Years have made a bouncy piano gay duet. Olly's new documentary is also wonderful so that Y&Y comeback should hopefully be soon!

The songwriter of the moment is Starrah, the woman behind songs by Rihanna, Halsey, and most of the new Calvin Harris album. She has teamed up with Diplo for her new track that sees her rapping over a standard hip-hop beat. One to watch but more for her writing than her own music for now. 

"Cruel" by BOSCO sounds like a Solange deep cut. Atmospherically pleasant indeed. 

Horribly named artist snny uses guitars in an interesting way on his single "Young Boy". 

Jaira Burns has a lot going for her, with support from Allie X and Leland written songs. She seems a little underdeveloped based on her two singles so far but may surprise us all.

TOFFE's "Kayak" is quite sparky for a Friday afternoon. 

MNDR is having a pretty big revival this year based on collaborations with Charli XCX, RAC, and THE BLOODY SCISSOR SISTERS. Her newest is a song with TOKiMonsta that is her usual brand of great off-kilter electropop. 

Kesha's return to music deserves a longer post but "Hymn" is another good song from a dearly missed pop star. 

Swedish fashion blogger turned decent pop star Sophie Elise has returned with a song about getting revenge by fucking all of her ex's friends. A new take on things but good for Sophie. 

Steve Angello, Mike Williams, and Tom & Hills have all turned in some very good dance tunes today. Good for all of them.

Amazing remixer Kat Krazy has a new single "Something In The Water" that sounds very radio-ready. It would be better to have a woman singing on it but that can be said about most songs. 

Camila Cabello has decided to release a double single today. I had high hopes for "OMG" as Charli XCX and Noonie Bao helped write it, but the standard hip hop beat and "Quavo" ruin it. Still enjoyable but let's focus on "Havana" which sets up Camila as a mix of old Rihanna and new Selena. And I think that's a very good place to be. 

Grace Mitchell seems to be readying her debut album and she seems to have finally found her sound, somewhere between Ladyhawke and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This will make perfect sense when you listen to her new song "Capital Letters". 

Some woman named Nakita (apparently she's making waves in New Zealand) has made a pensive banger called "In The Water" that's very good indeed. 

Kelela has a new album coming out and it's first single "LMK" is the most pop thing she has ever done. Thankfully it's also better than a lot of pop songs this year.

Rock band Pvris have unexpectedly decided to be pop stars. Their last song "What's Wrong" is a belter and "Winter" out today is the perfect mix of angsty lyrics and pop hooks. I imagine the song will work even better in the winter so can't wait for that. 

Thomas Gold and Mimoza have a romantic monster of a track with "Dreamer". There's a line about dancing with sinners and saints and tightropes between the sun and moon that's all really great. 

The forever amazing Le Youth has teamed up with Ava Max for his new single "Clap Your Hands" and it's another silky smooth disco hit in the making. Really wish he would release an album but what can you do. 

Swedish mystery project of pop perfection Stockholm Noir have made some of the best electropop this decade despite them just starting out. "Boy Like A Girl" already blew my mind earlier this year but "Island" proves they have more than one immense electrobanger behind them. 

The Kim Petras single is stupidly catchy and sets up the trans star for big things. It's deceptively simple structure only shows off how sassy Kim can be but her vocals are quite astounding. The only thing that taints "I Don't Want It At All" is the Dr. Luke production... We hope Kim makes better decisions in the future but this song is driven mainly by Kim's charisma so we'll see what comes next. 

Here is a playlist of all the highlights of this week, with "I Don't Want It At All" as the finale. If you want to catch up with the best of the best, here is another playlist for 2017 pop hits!

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