Wednesday, August 16, 2017

NMF Thoughts from Aug 11 - featuring Gabrielle Aplin, Maja Francis, MAUSI & more!


Gabrielle Aplin made song of the week!


Persistent pop joke Jessie J has teamed up with M&M's to create "Real Deal", a sorry excuse for a comeback that shows none of the talent that made me think she could conquer the world in the first place. After the Tuc biscuit fiasco, she should have learned her lesson but here we are. 

Fifth Harmony's new song "Angel" confirms my suspicions that this will not be their Chemistry era. 

One of Norway's finest people ever Dagny has popped up on a very basic dance track by NOTD. After her live show, I can't wait to hear "Tonight" and the sooner it comes the better. 

Eurovision "Euphoria" superstar Loreen has a new song from her new EP called "Jungle" that sees her teaming up with equally amazing superstar Elliphant. Let's just say that the sum of its parts is much less than the artists' past output. 

The Horrors have made a nice pop song that sounds a bit like a chill version of The Killers. Together, the bands might make a great horror movie. 

Ryan Blyth and friends made a bonkers song that's a little too much for a Friday morning but maybe it'll be better by Sat night. 

Cut Copy have announced their new album due out in Q4 and released a new single for hype. It's another above average electronic song that only makes me think of how amazing they have consistently been for the past decade. 

Newcomer WESLEE has quite a hypnotic single out today about sipping "Bathwater".

Suzi Wu seems like a cool new pop singer for all the people who like Lily Allen but think they're above the amazing pop music Lily makes. 

That Kesha comeback article is still in the works but damn, this album is amazing. "Finding You" has quickly become a favorite. 

Ida Corr's ode to "The Morning After" is an all too real story set to a banging tune. 

Becky Hill is continuing to be a completely reliable source of forward thinking pop music. Her new single "Unpredictable" comes with signing to a new label so maybe an album is closer than we think. Think of how amazing a Becky Hill album would be. 

Swedish up and comer Ida Da Silva has a hardcore banger with "Throw Your Love". She could easily be the next Zara Larsson. 

The new P!nk single is a poignant if slightly underwhelming subtlebanger for all our problems in 2017. Regardless, it's nice to have her back.

While you all may know that the ultimate pop deity Kylie Minogue is making her new album at the moment, you will be excited to know that another Minogue has returned to us with a new tune. That's right, I'm talking about the Neon Nights superstar DANNII MINOGUE. Her new single Holding On is your standard dance floor filler but unfortunately the drop is your standard 2017 disappointment. Regardless of all of this, we should be grateful to have Dannii back with us and she is always one to surprise so who knows what could happen.

The last ROOM8 song was more about the Sound Of Arrows then themselves (For the record, that is an amazing compliment). However, their new single "Midnight" is much more harmonious with their own style as well as vocalist's morgxn's own brand of dark pop. 

There is at least one good song on the new half of Bebe Rexha's album. That song is "(Not) The One". One of her best actually. 

The new Vero single is very beautiful and sounds like a lot of the best Brit pop of the mid-2000s. 

Emily Vaughn's last single "Mood" was a fierce kiss off and her new track "Priority" continues to show off her confidence. It helps when the song itself is also an unapologetically pop beast. 

Sometimes all you want from pop music is melancholic lyrics paired with a breezy electro production. That's exactly what Sara Diamond's "Unsure" does. 

Actress Priyanka Chopra returns to music on the futuristic and edgy Will Sparks single "Young & Free". One of the most unexpectedly cool songs on this NMF. 

Liz Huett's brilliantly titled "STFU & Hold Me" is the type of single I wanted from Fifth Harmony today. 

Strangely, Tori Amos has made a song that sounds like Kyla La Grange doing a Lykke Li song and you may not know what that means, but it's amazing. 

Bomba Estereo's "Quimica" is the type of global pop music that everyone should try to make. 

Avicii has a new EP that is quite boring except for a new song featuring distorted vocals by your favorite singer and mine RITA ORA. She continues to never let us down. 

After her boring yet successful Sigala collaboration, Ella Eyre has properly returned with a quite surprisingly amazing single called "Ego". I've waited a long time to be wow'ed by Ella and it feels like she just might do it soon. 

After multiple features, Stefflon Don has released her debut single "Hurtin Me". It solidifies her status as one of the coolest MCs around but also as a legitimate pop star. It's a seriously banging song and there is sure to be more to come. 

The new Alice Glass single is low key the best alt pop banger so far this year. Imagine if Annie made a comeback with this?! The video is quite good as well.


Once upon a time, Italian pop group MAUSI made perfect summer electropop with a distinct European feel. And it was brilliant. After a couple years away, they have returned to bless us with more of the same beautiful music in "Famous". 

So MNDR songs appear to just be a weekly occurrence now. This time she pops on the new Oliver single "Chemicals" and somehow pop master Justin Tranter is involved so you know it's good. The funky beats and Mndr's quirky vocal make it her best offering since her album in 2012. And that chorus: absolutely incredible. 

Maja Francis has a brilliant song out today called "I'm Not A Disco" that sounds like Robyn on ecstasy. Honestly, what if you were a disco? Constantly playing euphoric electronic music while many gay men fornicate inside of you. Wait... Am I a disco?! Wow Maja, you did that. 

There's a funny thing about musicians. Once you fall in love with one of them, you'll always believe that they can redeem themselves and reach their former glory that drew you in the first time. It's the feeling I had with Lady Gaga and Rita Ora. But for musicians that have never impressed you, it's a lot harder to break through. You need a monster of a song that changes your entire perception of what pop music can make your feel and that's no easy feat. However, every now and then someone does it and today that person is Gabrielle Aplin. Her new single "Waking Up Slow" is easily one of the best songs this year, a smart and elegant pop banger that would make Carly and Kylie jealous, perfectly tailored for 2017's pop radio trends, and over the course of its 3 minutes and 22 seconds, Gabrielle becomes the best pop star in the entire world. 

Here is a playlist of all the highlights of this week, with "I Don't Want It At All" as the finale. If you want to catch up with the best of the best, here is another playlist for 2017 pop hits!

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