Friday, August 19, 2016

Tove Lo Is Officially Back

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There are times when pop stars recede into the nebula to rest and contemplate just what to deliver the next time an album era comes around.

Then there are others who never seem like they went away, constantly churning out hits whether it's their own or extraordinary songs for others.

Tove Lo falls into the latter category and she has to be the best thing ever (#reference #JusticeForTimebomb).

From writing hits for Ellie Goulding and Hilary Duff to making appearances on Nick Jonas, Broods, and Years & Years tracks, it's hard to think that Tove released her album almost 2 years ago! But new music has descended upon us and it shows our favorite wild child just as sad face as we left her.

By now, you all must know of Tove's Gone Girl-influenced dark techno banger "Cool Girl". From the hot mess of a cover to the detached emotional lyrics, it's a trademark Lo song. It's unexpected swerves and drop in the chorus however, lead you to think that Tove is going for a subtle form of pop that wraps up all her darkness into pop hooks on top of a hazy, throbbing beat. It's a logical progression from the punchy, very Swedish debut album and makes the whole Lady Wood era (actually the best album name of the year) all the more tantalizing. 

A video has been released today that follows up from where "Moments" left off, with narrative and dramatic dancing at the forefront. Tove has said that the video will be part of a short film meant to encapsulate the first half of the album known as "Fairy Dust". If Tove can ascend the throne to become Queen Of The Clouds, it's only a matter of time before she takes over the forest as Lady Wood. So get ready because Tove doesn't seem to be losing her Cool Girl status anytime soon.

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