Friday, July 8, 2016

Song Of The Day: "All The Rage" by Allie X

The constantly fantastic Allie X is coming out with a follow up to her really amazing EP-but-really-an-album from last year. This one is title Collxtion II Unsolved. What that all means is quite unclear but the music remains an X/X.

Allie has been quite busy so far this year. She released a one-off single back in Q1 and her first single off the new EP/album "Too Much To Dream" sets up the new era of upbeat X tunes quite nicely. But it's the new track "All The Rage" that is driving me a bit mental.

While the CHVRCHES influence is quite clear, the poignant lyrics that make Allie a superstar are paired with a deceptively signature form of positive electronic. But it's the dramatic vocal hooks and shouting that shows Allie embracing pop in a way that we haven't seen from her yet. This would have been a great Icona Pop song too. This album/EP is going to be quite amazing right?!

Allie has been curating a really interesting playlist on Spotify to keep fans updated with the progress of her album, and it's quite fun so follow that here

Best bits: "Ejected, I was rejected / I wasn't good enough to be elected" and the shouting in the chorus

Allie X on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud

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