Thursday, May 19, 2016

Song Of The Day: "Ashes of Love" by Danny L Harle feat. Caroline Polachek

Good artwork right?

You want to know what the next musical craze should be after this tropical lilt pop thing is over? 


PC Music are the pioneers of this genre. Artists like SOPHIE, A.G. Cook, Lipgloss Twins, GFOTY,  Hannah Diamond, and Kero Kero Bonito have all had a hand in pop hits that take joy in exploiting the sugary sweet craziness of bubblegum pop. Just take a listen to "Bipp" or LIZ's "When I Rule The World" or any song off Charli XCX's new EP and you'll understand just how amazing this genre is.

Danny L Harle is also a part of this movement and just released a great single featuring Caroline Polachek out of Chairlift. It's more of a straightforward pop single than most of PC's output but the swizzles that abound pushes it into genius territory.

But more importantly, there is a new song that he has produced featuring the untainted musical spirit that none of deserve yet need to celebrate on a regular basis CARLY RAE JEPSEN!


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