Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Margaret's "Cool Me Down" Video Has A Whale In It!!!

Eurovision was this weekend and as usual, was a hot mess of amazing pop music and performances. In a strange twist, Australia almost won the whole thing. Imagine the outrage in Europe if that happened?

What really deserves outrage is the fact that "Cool Me Down" by Polish singer Margaret was not sent to Eurovision 2016. Honestly, it would have blown all the other songs out of the water. "Cool Me Down" is a reggae-tinged banger that exudes so much attitude, Europe may have let Australia win out of fear that Margaret would take over the continent as its biggest pop star. And just when you think the rave horns are over, a trap breakdown is thrown in there, turning "Cool Me Down" into the amazing global chart topper it deserves to be.

Today, Margaret released the video for the song and it's one of the best of the year. It has choreographed dancing, dancing in a circle of fire, dancing on top of body of water, and most importantly DANCING IN FRONT OF A FUCKING WHALE.

It's basically everything you want from a proper Rihanna single in 2016, but we'll live with "Kiss It Better".

Imagine if the whale showed up at Eurovision? It would have been twelve points from me.

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