Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Song Of The Day: "A Love Song" by Ladyhawke


In 2008, a new pop star came onto the scene from New Zealand and blew everyone away with her amazing take on new wave electropop. Her self-titled debut album was the best album of 2008 and remains one of the strongest collections of music of the millennium.

Her name was Ladyhawke.


To be fair, Ladyhawke never really stopped being amazing. Pip Brown (for that is her name) is renowned for taking forever between albums so it's exciting for her to come out of the woodwork to show what she's got for us this time. Her sophomore record Anxiety suffered from being a little too saturated with ideas, but I kind of expected that Ladyhawke would knock it out of the park her third time around.

"A Love Song" is the first single off her third album Wild Things, which will be released June 3rd and can be pre-ordered on iTunes right now! The song itself, a love song about listening to a love song, retains all the parts of Ladyhawke I loved back in 2008, but the romanticism is polished and focused in a really exciting way this time around. The video for the song is very retro and amazing as well. 

For a pop fan, seeing an artist from their formative years make a comeback is a really special moment. It's even better when they manage to suck you back in without ever seeming like they went away. Based on this song and another one called "Sweet Fascination", Ladyhawke accomplished just that, and I couldn't be happier.

Best Line: "This is what a Love Song, Love Song sounds like" How very meta, Mrs. Hawke!

You can follow Ladyhawke on Facebook and Twitter, and Wild Things will likely be one of the albums of the year so make sure to listen to it when you can.

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