Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Die Happy" by Bifford

Sometimes popstars need a little help every now and then. Take Massachusetts-based synth pop dabbler Bifford. His new song "Die Happy" was a collaboration with Planet Purple and the video for the song came out last month. Now it may be best if you turn away and listen to the song on its own.

Clearly, the song is fantastic in about a million different ways. It sounds like something Robyn made in the 80's, forgot about, found in the 90's, added video game noises, forgot about again, and gave it to Bifford. Tell me that doesn't sound brilliant. 

Apparently, he has had the tune in his head since he was 12 (!!!) and he's got big plans for 2015. He says that his influences include Twiggy, TLC, Vanity, and the Spice Girls. "And Kavana, obviously." I suppose there is something special going on here so I'd suggest keeping an eye on Bifford, (but maybe avoid any videos until the budget exceeds $10. Harsh but fair…)

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