Thursday, February 26, 2015

Future Smash Alert: Petite Meller Is The Best French Popstar Thanks to "Baby Love"

So French!

Say hello to the kookiest popstar you will have seen since Lady Gaga was taking over subways with a disco stick. Sometimes, it only takes one song for you to go borderline insane for an artist. It's only happened a couple of times but the songs themselves often take a life of their own. But nothing has hit me as hard this year as the new single "Baby Love" by French pop savior Petite Meller.

France is peculiar in that it will have a couple of fantastic singles a year but no real popstars. That Vanessa Paradis song from 2013 was amazing, but like most of the French singers, the rest of her stuff was boring orchestral crap. Yelle has always been reliable, but they will hardly ever become the global overlords of music they deserve to be. Meller is the first singer that has got me excited for the future of pop. She has an enigmatic mystery that will draw your attention but tunes with a signature sound. Her other stuff aren't nearly as pop as "Baby Love" but maybe this will be the kick in the Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kylie Minogue direction.

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