Friday, June 26, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Milk-Choc" by Kazaky

Today marks a momentous occasion for America, and what better way to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage than with a balls to the wall insane dance jam. IT GETS BETTER! This song is sung by hot shirtless Eastern European men who dance in heels like its nobody's business!

Kazaky have been a long standing staple of the pop world in Europe and even made some appearances with Madonna and Loreen in the past. Their music has often been a little too underground leather bar in Prague techno for it to ever be anything more than background, but their dance routines and overall fabulousness made them extremely promising for true greatness. After a couple of member changes, the group has finally returned with one of the best songs of the year "Milk-Choc", a retro-infused slice of summer house that just makes you want to get your stilettos out and serve face and body for days hunty (sorry if I am feeling myself).

The video for the song drops today (how prophetic), with the retro gym motif being played up for all its worth. Still, the boys look hot, their moves still en pointe, and the song finally lives up to the expectations of what we always wanted from them. Though they have faced some discrimination in the harsh countries of Eastern Europe, they now have a home with us. Congratulations Kazaky and congratulations America!!!

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