Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Next Big Thing: Let Invader Girl Take Over Your Music

Rebranding is one of the best ways to get back in the good graces of pop. It's not to say Alex Gardner wasn't amazing before he was A-L-X, but now it seems that the momentum behind his career is picking up a lot better. Such is the case with Camilla Roholm.

The Danish singer first popped up in 2012 as an unsigned artist by the name of Cinnamon Girl. Her past work as a model and interest in fashion brought a modern edge to her musical aesthetic, and she released 3 amazing videos for 3 amazing song, the best of which is definitely "Devil In Me."

Clearly, she was already amazing. Her music was bright and vibrant, her voice doing vocal acrobatics reminiscent of Gwen Stefani singing over an ABBA song, and it looked like a new popstar was born. With two more songs, "Friends" & "Now I Know", it's clear her mantra is the bigger the better in terms of sound. And that is something we can certainly support in any credible popstar!

Unfortunately, it looked like the cinnamon was a little too sweet for anyone to take seriously, leading to a year and half long hiatus. We all certainly missed Camilla and thankfully, she came back to us in 2014 with a new name and some brand new hits! Bye bye Cinnamon Girl, and welcome the galactic force that is Invader Girl!

With her new music, it looks like Invader Girl is putting a spin on the whole ultra-ballad with an electro twist that can best be exemplified by the above song "Starting Fires." The song starts off with a slow electro pulse before Invader Girl launches into a killer vocal that could put Christina out of business! The song sets the standard for a whole new style, which makes sense considering she is now signed to Sony records! That video is actually stunning and as we all know, unicorns in pop can only be good thing.

There has been word that Invader Girl might actually be able to have an album out this year and it seems fans of Marina & the Diamonds, Tove Lo, and Charli XCX can rest assured that Invader Girl can provide the cosmic-sized pop jams that make the world go round. For example, her next single "Stuck On Me" is her best work under her new persona and serves up some pretty ingenious hooks and production. Hopefully, this album stays on course because we all need a little vibrato in our lives don't we?

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