Thursday, March 26, 2015

Song Of The Day: "All Cried Out" by Blonde feat. Alex Newell
House music got a kick in the ass last year thanks to some stellar singles by Kiesza and others. However, they all tend to run together due to the deep bass and four on the floor beats during the chorus. To break away from the monotony of house singles, you gotta bring out the big guns. Tulisa brought the goods thanks to her star power and amazing video but dance acts like UK duo Blonde know how to let the funky music do the talking.

Blonde popped up at the end of last year with instant ear worm of a song "I Loved You." The warm bouncing house track was a unique take on the genre by adding a rave piano, not to mention the sublime voice of Melissa Steel, whose verses are sickly sweet. The song managed to make the UK top 10 and has been a club staple since it was released. For their new song, the group adds the same soulful rave piano with an equally gospel vocal provided by Glee star Alex Newell. It's a wonderful tune describing the sadness boys bring, and something of a grower. But once it's in your head, it won't leave anytime soon.

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