Thursday, February 19, 2015

Song Of The Day: "T O U C H" by Le Youth

There is nothing better in this world than when an artist continuously tops their previous hits. This is NSOTP's favorite DJ Le Youth's FIFTH single and like past hits "C O O L" , "Dance With Me" , "Feel Your Love" and "R E A L" (which was a previous Song Of The Day last month) it's another solid dance floor banger. "T O U C H" brings about all the nighttime groove feels and the house piano is relentless. Sampling Mary J. Blige's "I Am" is another smart choice on Wes James's part and anyone who loves 90's R&B divas as him can only be a positive force in music. His album, which is coming later in the year, will be one on constant repeat in my house and I cannot wait!

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