Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Doing It" by Charli XCX feat. Rita Ora


With the start of a new year, we always seem to be blessed with a female power pop collaboration that just makes you happy to be alive. Last year we were given the proper version of Lady Gaga's seminal hit "Do What U Want" was released with Christina Aguilera (#GAGASTINA).

This time around we get Charita XOraX.

 That's right. NSOTP's favorite artist, Charli XCX has decided to release "Doing It" as the 3rd official single from her album SUCKER, which was released in the States in December. Due to the delays in the album in UK, the album was not counted in the Best Albums list, though it is currently on top of Best of 2015 list! 

"Doing It" was a pitch perfect pop highlight on the album but Charli only went and recruited one of her femme fatale friends to join her on the song. Occasional Best Popstar in the World Rita Ora has taken a break from recording her second album (GET ON WITH IT) to help Charli in the Thelma and Louise styled video, which is currently the best of the year. Released today in the US, it doesn't look like it will be the proper hit Charli needs to keep her winning streak but it is certainly the best effort and hopefully a miracle will happen to launch both Charli and Rita's career to match the high expectations I have for both of them!

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