Monday, February 2, 2015

Pop Roundup: December 2014 - January 2015

Because I've been busy traveling these past couple of months, I haven't been as up to date in introducing some really amazing music to you all. So from now on, I will try to wrap up the month with a selection of songs I think deserve some credit. Here are some highlights I've been listening to lately.

1. "Nod Ya Head" by Rashelle

Rashelle may be new on the scene but from the first few seconds of the above video, it's clear that there is a great popstar in the making. The swagger, that strut, the no fucks attitude is all a plus in someone trying to set themselves apart from the politically correct borefests we have right now (sorry not sorry Meghan Trainor). "Nod Ya Head" is a wild ride of scuzzy dub step wobbles before breaking down into a head rush of a chorus. She probably should have made it into the top 50 of 2014 but hopefully her next single is just as amazing.

2. "One More" by Elliphant & MØ

What happens when two Scandinavian pop divas come together to make an anthem for staying out with your best friend? MAGIC, that's what bitches. Swedish electro-reggae and whatever else she feels at the time songstress Elliphant enlisted the premiere Danish songstrel and famed SNL performer to help out on this chilled out late night jam. The best part is the crazy synth riff that comes in halfway through the song. I really need to book my trip to Stockholm...

3. "Throw It Down" by Dominique Young Unique

One of the more underrated femcees in the game is former model and rapstress Dominique Young Unique. She already has a couple of hits under her belt by featuring on a couple of dance hits but "Throw It Down" is definitely the best thing she has come up with. The twerktastic banger is a bleeping whirlwind of beats and it is IMPOSSIBLE not to shake your ass to this.

4. "Jilted" by Moxiie

Like a certain underground turned mainstream Boom Clapper, Moxiie has been making genius forward-thinking electronic music for a while. While there may be an album floating around somewhere, her newest single "Jilted" is a heartbreaking breathtaking piece of music that announces her as one of best new talents around. 

5. "Silicone In Stereo" by Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes surprisingly does the actress turned pop star thing very well. The former 90210 star released her newest "Silicone In Stereo" and you can't help but think her background in the business only makes the song all the more relevant in this day and age. It also doesn't hurt that it is very catchy. 

6. "Kalabalik" by Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome has been one of the better girl bands of the 2010's even though they seem to continue losing all their members. Down to just 2 girls, the duo has decided to continue the tradition of grinding electro bangers with "Kalabalik" which includes yelling, screaming, rapping, and a chant that will have you fall under the spell of their namesake. 

7. "People" by IIIII (feat. Adele Kosman)

No, this isn't a band called five or the sound of girls screaming. The newest Swedish export is this band pronounced "Lines" that have come out with this avant-garde piece of pop that has already gotten the support of the current Queen Swede Tove Lo. Enough said.  

8. "Heartbeat Loud" by Andy C & Fiora

"Heartbeat Loud" is one of those epic dance songs that seems to transcend genres. Thanks to Andy C's slick production and Fiora's ethereal vocals, it becomes a blazing banger of high speed piano riffs which can kickstart any day. 

9. "Every Night" by Hannah Diamond

If you know the cray-pop work of A.G. Cook or SOPHIE, you might recognize Hannah Diamond's girlish pixie vocals on the ridiculous production. This is the first song by her that really sets her up to be a somewhat odd yet unique solo artist. 

10. "Heroes (Jai Wolf Remix)" by Alesso & Tove Lo

Jai Wolf has taken a different Tove Lo hit and turned it into a swirling stoner classic. Just amazing. 

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