Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Kisses for Breakfast" by Melissa Steel feat. Popcaan
My favorite female pop singer at the moment is Melissa Steel. Granted, even though that changes once every 2-3 days, Melissa wholeheartedly deserves it. She's only got 3 songs to her name but that was enough to reel in a record deal and create a huge amount of buzz for her. Earlier this year, she snagged her first chart position after featuring on this pulse-racing banger by Kove.

With one hit under her belt, Melissa decided to record one of the sweetest pop songs this year with her debut single "Kisses for Breakfast." A collaboration with dancehall singer Popcaan, it quickly established her as the first British femme to mix reggae with breezy pop music and you will really like what you hear. Kisses for Breakfast perfectly encapsulates the feeling of waking up with your boo on the beach and it's paired with the epitome of what an ace summer music video should be. It matches the season so well it got to number 10 on the charts after its release last week. Impressive Ms. Steel, and if you happen to open a bed and breakfast anytime soon, I'll have my kisses over easy please.

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