Saturday, November 29, 2014

Song Of The Day: "I Know" by Shift K3y

That dashing chap is young producer and occasional singer Shift K3Y, or to his best friends Lewis Jankel. The former is a much better popstar name. After spending a couple years remixing a shit ton of pretty great songs (this J. Lo refix is pretty amazing!), Mr. K3Y has decided to properly get going in 2014 after signing with Sony. He has mastered that whole deep house thing but managed to keep it from getting boring by throwing in video game beeps, upping the bpm, and even adding some funk and trappy bits to his songs to get them to stand out from the rest of this 90's takeover happening.

He first popped out his excellent single "Touch" at the beginning of the year, his own vocals being the high point of this song that accomplishes the rare feat of being a pop song that sounds like dance music and a dance song that sounds like pop music. It was so good that it managed to reach #3 on the charts with only a short window of promotion. Taking his time to follow it up, Shift K3Y doesn't disappoint with follow-up "I Know." Going a little deeper into house territory, the song solidifies Lewis's position as an edgier successor to Calvin Harris, and hopefully the international stardom will follow him as well.

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