Monday, July 28, 2014

Song Of The Day: "World Of Dreams (feat. Mary Jane Smith)" by Galavant

Here we have another stellar track from the frozen tundras of Scandinavia. Except this time, we've got an all out ravey, lasery, balls to the wall EDM banger. Swedish House Mafia may have broken up but that doesn't mean the country have run out of DJs ready to take over the world. Galavant appear to be a duo of dance producers that just went and recorded the best piece of dance music of the year. "World of Dreams" does a good job of coming in as ethereal and hypnotic thanks to the vocals of Mary Jane Smith, the singer out of another Swedish band Smith & Thell. But it really is all about that drop, which literally embodies every electrifying moment of Electric Daisy Carnival and other crazy dance festival. Get ready to play this song on repeat as we head into the coming week!

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