Monday, July 7, 2014

Song of The Day: "Heart On Fire" by Indiana

Nottingham-born singer Indiana has been on my radar for about a year now but never really made an impression with her dark alternative electropop. Charli XCX kind of corners the whole cool dark pop princess thing and it was always a hard market to crack. However, Indiana did the best thing any person making music can do. She decided to release that single that made everyone go, "What the hell is this? I don't like this. Why won't it leave my head? Oh, because it's brilliant and ingenious. Did I say I don't like this? JK LOL."

Since Solo Dancing decided to become my nightly mantra for months, Indiana has been busy readying her debut album No Romeo and today, she dropped the video for "Heart on Fire," the first song by her that I believe will kill the mainstream market. Atop steady and delicate synths, Indiana laments over a love lost and feeling that burn in that special place we all know as "the heart." It could have easily been an amazing Robyn single but something about Indiana's hypnotic vocal draws you in and makes the song special, something I hope she keeps forever (maybe she could go into hypnotism as a aside job?). As we wait for that album to drop, let's be happy that pop noir is starting to finally find its place in the world (yes, Saroj we get it, you called this like 3 years ago, shut up now.)

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