Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Tove Tuesday: A Status Update On The Best Name In Pop

If you couldn't tell, Sweden has some pretty great pop singers these days. Actually, since basically the beginning of time. And more specifically, it seems that the Toves of Sweden are achieving some blindingly ridiculous heights in pop. So here is a quick update on what each Tove has recently accomplished in music.

Tove Lo

NSOTP's Artist of 2014 Tove Lo has remained the premier Tove of pop, especially in the global sense. Her music remains as euphoric and haunting as the day you first heard "Habits", but the world has managed to take notice and launch her as the proper genre-defying singer she was meant to be. Now that her amazing debut album Queen Of The Clouds has been released everywhere, Lo is capitalizing on the fame her last two hits have given her by touring extensively and properly promoting the album on television performances across the US. Seriously, she has been on Fallon at least 5 times since last year. 

But more importantly, Tove Lo released the crashing, euphoric, majestic, time-stopping, therapeutic, heart-wrenching, overwhelmingly amazing "Timebomb." I've already talked about the song extensively and still maintain that it is the greatest piece of music created in the last 12 months. The video is an artistic masterpiece in every way that the song is a sonic masterpiece. It deserves to be Lo's first #1 across the world, give her a Grammy, go into the Music Halls of Fame, and finally make her the Queen of Sweden. I am not even being overdramatic, this song is monumental.

Tove Styrke

While Lo has managed to steal the hearts of America, fellow Swede Tove Styrke is making waves in the UK following a rebranding of sound that isn't all that different from before. After solidifying her status as the perfect lovechild between Lykke Li and Robyn, Styrke decided to make her return to music with some bizarrely fantastic singles, including last year's most insane song "Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking To You."

Following a reggae-tinged EP released last year, Tove Styrke has released her sophomore album Kiddo in 2015. A collection of innately Swedish sounding music, it takes all the tribal beats that the Scandinavians know so well and polishes them up for a new take on bubblegum pop. There is a lot to love if you want a new Robyn album that is a little more stripped back and will definitely be in the Best Albums of 2015 list. Today, Styrke released the video to her newest and best single since 2011's killer "Call My Name."In "Number One," we find the bubbly Tove dancing like a mad woman on stage by herself, making full use of the wet hairography she must have learned from that one Glee episode. Keep on dancing Styrke!

Tove Ask

The newest Tove in town happens to be the effervescent Tove Ask. Also from Sweden (because, of course) and known for her appearance on Swedish X Factor, Ask has a more dance floor sound compared to the rest of the Tove clan. Her music harkens back to some of the best music made in the late 2000's, with glitchy video game noises finding their home among the deep bass beats and four on the floor rhythm. Almost like if Goldfrapp decided to make a 90's house album. Now doesn't that sound fun?!

Tove Ask recently released her debut EP, in which she takes the approach to dance music that got Kiesza so famous. "By Myself" remains a highlight on the EP but Ask's cover of "Tell It To My Heart" is also great. Considering she has just begun her journey towards Tove-level greatness, it's only a matter of time before we get a "Timebomb" vs. "Call My Name" sized hit out of Tove Ask. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for anymore Tove related news on NSOTP!

Tove Lo on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.
Tove Styrke on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.
Tove Ask on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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