Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Hey QT" by QT

One of the more cutting edge labels in music write now is the candy pop loving people over at PC Music. Think anime harajuku pop mixed with video game bleeps and techno fairy vocals. Founder A.G. Cook has done some pretty killer production on a couple of songs, with Hannah Diamond being an impressive vocalist. Most people will know bonkers pop producer SOPHIE who created the 2013 hit "Bipp" and appears to have worked with Charli XCX so you know it's good. It's hard to imagine any of these people making a global hit (unless that Charli song gets out) but it looks like a new face on the label may at least make some tremors in the underground scene.

QT is the alter ego/ art production by performer Hayden Dunham. Clearly a NYU Tisch graduate, the outfit started as a simple jingle for an energy drink. When Dunham reached out to PC Music, A.G. Cook and SOPHIE both teamed up to produce "Hey QT", a catchy, almost comical trip down schizo synths and sharp hooks. The video matches the futuristic theme of the song and no matter how hard you try, that chorus will not leave your head. We'll see if PC Music can actually sell the record the way they want but it looks like it all has an upward trajectory so good luck to all!

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