Thursday, April 16, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Famous" by Charli XCX

Pop stars are really killing it in 2015. For whatever reason, it seems the best songs off of some of last year's best albums are being released as singles! Bright Light Bright Light and The Veronicas have already put forth their best effort and this year has been glorious because of it. While we wait for Tove Lo to release what should have been the best song of 2014 (which may happen sooner than later!!!!), it looks like the world's greatest popstar is here to save the day.

The true princess of pop Charli XCX finally released her incredible album SUCKER worldwide and it is still the best album of 2015. One of the best things about the album is the mix of pop songs sounding like rock songs and rock songs sounding like pop songs. Charli's next single "Famous" is a perfect example of both of those. The old school guitar riff makes way for a classic XCX chorus with shouting of "Just like we're Famous!" The video also sees Charli hamming it up by being the ultimate cool chick + comedienne (please just be my BFF!) It is definitely the second best song on the album since "Boom Clap" was obviously era-defining. Still, I cannot tell you how happy it makes me when popstars make the right decision! Imagine the day when Charli owns a record company?! 

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