Friday, March 6, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Ego" by Tove Styrke

We all know that there was one Tove that ruled pop music for a year in 2014. In fact, Tove Lo was given the honorary title as NSOTP's favorite artist of 2014. But as of February 2015, it looks like a new Tove might take that title. I've already featured Tove Styrke when she released the most bonkers summer pop song of last year. After releasing the surprisingly good Samurai EP (there is Swedish reggae that was weirdly listenable), it looks like Ms. Styrke is coming back to being a beauty queen and the polished side of pop with her new single "Ego".

Even more summer sounding than the dark reggae she had been slaying the tastemakers with, "Ego" has been my favorite Styrke song since "Call My Name." The beachy synth steel drums and standard Swedish percussion lull you into paradise before Tove goes in for the kill in that heavenly synth heavy chorus. If her album Kiddo that is coming out later in the year is as good as this, we might have two years in a row when a Tove has saved pop! 

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  1. Love this girl!!! Seeing her in Seattle 5/17! Check out "Borderline" SUPER GOOD!