Monday, March 16, 2015

Song Of The Day: "Brooklyn Baby (Richard X Remix)" by Lana Del Slay
Two very exciting things are happening right now. First off, the head bitch of sad core and psychedelic jams Lana Del Rey is working on her third album ALREADY! Titled Honeymoon, it looks like Lana will give us another genre bending and iconic album. The second is the fact that expert producer Richard X appears to be ready to make some more electronic masterpieces. Not only has he had a hand in creating some of Kylie Minogue's greatest hits, he knows his way around making ridiculously cohesive albums, like the Erasure album from last year. It also looks like Richard is getting back to remixing, as evidenced by Susanne Sundfør's "Delirious" being turned into a monster of a track.

But being honest, this remix is way better. "Brooklyn Baby" was one of the not great songs on Lana's Ultraviolence album but Richard X kept the hazy production on Del Rey's voice before turning it into a crazy storm of electro amazingness. It proves that Lana should really think of making an actual dance album and that Richard X should produce it.

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