Friday, February 13, 2015

NSOTP Superstars: February 2015

I've decided to keep a record of my favorite people in pop at the moment. It changes often but some people just keep being amazing and if I had done this in 2007, Lady Gaga would have been in this every time (until that dumb jazz album). So here are the top 7 things in pop that have been amazing and will get you excited for a while!

1. Say Lou Lou
The Slay Lou Lou twins have become the most interesting, chic, and exciting pop act of 2015 and their track record is nothing short of amazing. Their debut album is coming in April and I CANNOT WAIT!

2. Indiana

While the Kilbey twins are busy doing whatever Swedish-Australian popstars do, Indiana has held down the fort with her amazing new album "No Romeo". It's the best dark, brooding, electro album since... EVER REALLY! She is a wonderful addition to the pop catalog.

3. Marina & The Diamonds
Marina & The Diamonds is like a fine wine, she just keeps getting better as time passes. With her first album, Marina set herself apart as the alt-pop goddess and Electra Heart saw her satirize the very pop stardom she had come to acquire. But the third album Froot may just be her crowning achievement. This new reinvention of Marina as a bonafide popstar seems to continue to exceed my wildest expectations and every track she releases as a Froot Of The Month has never failed to impress. With stiff competition from Say Lou Lou, Indiana, and Charli XCX, Marina may just beat them all and take album of the year.

4. Petite Meller

Remember when I said "Right Here, Right Now" by Moroder & Kylie was single of the year? I may have spoke too soon because Petite Meller's new single has not left my head since I first heard it.

5. Kelly Clarkson

The Kelly Clarkson comeback may not have been the raging power ballad we're used to but "Heartbeat Song" actually has some ingenious musical elements at play (the chorus SLOWS DOWN)  and I'm seeing her tomorrow in London. BEST VALENTINE'S DAY EVER!

6. Le Youth






7. LIV

I've been meaning to talk about LIV for a while but I've decided to keep her for a Next Big Thing post coming out soon. Basically, she makes sleek R&B tinged pop music, has a uniquely smokey voice, and appears to be the newest Xenomania protégé. Essentially, she could become an urban version of Florrie and doesn't that just make you shake from excitement?

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