Friday, September 12, 2014

Next Big Thing: MAUSI Are The Euro Pop Saviors Of The Summer

This mysterious but not that mysterious group is MAUSI, Europe's newest synthpop band and recent subjects of a pretty awesome oral presentation in my Italian class (which I aced if you were so curious). They are Italian, so it's not too weird, but also English as brother and sister Daisy and Thomas Finetto moved from Italy to Newcastle to attend university and create the best band this side of the 2010's. Inspired by pop dabbling artists like Phoenix and Breakbot, the band's vision was to create a soundtrack of a young European's travels during the summer. And they have done just that.

Their first single basically gives you all the sunny summer feels and promptly set them apart from other bands as they fully embraced the pop glory they truly deserve. MAUSI didn't stop the fun either, releasing their second single Move which can pretty much be summed up like this.

They properly got going in 2013 with "Body Language" catching the eye of many tastemakers, including Perez Hilton, and they instantly became the most exciting band in the world, at least in my eyes. Their recent mixtape can be downloaded for free from their Soundcloud, and includes amazing covers of classics like "Losing You" by Solange and "Music Sounds Better With You" by Ziggy Stardust. You can also follow them on Twitter to learn some fun Italian like this.

Since 2014 started, their upcoming has been more and more tantalizing, especially after the release of their most recent single "My Friend Has A Swimming Pool." The epitome of what every summer song should be, Swimming Pool captures all the youth and happiness that every person should experience in a sunny party. Seriously, just try not dancing to this song. Really, MAUSI is amazing, their album will definitely be amazing, and summer has been amazing.

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