Monday, August 25, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Can't Get Enough" by Becky G feat. Pitbull

Becky G is one of the surprise stars of this summer. If you haven't heard her Dr. Luke produced Top 20 hit "Shower" then you're really out of it aren't you? Granted I hadn't heard of it until I randomly turned on the radio and the "La Da Dee La Da Da LA DA DA" part had me singing along before I knew it. I was surprised to hear it was Becky G singing, mainly because she was only slightly familiar. After a quick search on my iTunes, I realized how I knew her. Becky helped BFF Cher Lloyd on single "Oath" as well as put a spin on Ke$ha's "Die Young". I dismissed her as a wannabe Disney rapper but I quickly realized there is a lot more to her than that.

Aside from Shower, Becky G has made some smart moves and decided to release "Can't Get Enough" as her newest single, even if it is only on Latin radio right now. The collaboration with elusive rapper Pitbull was actually released last year, but that funky horn melody fits right into the saxophone revival happening this summer. It's already topped the Latin Radio Airplay Chart! Furthermore, Becky's raps are insanely infectious and rhyming "caliente" with "differente" and "back to the fronte" is something beyond Lil Kim and M.I.A's abilities. As for Pitbull... It's a really fun song isn't it? Right, let's watch the fun colorful video and sing to the newest summer anthem on the block.

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